The Sound of Music was a near-instant success as soon as it very first came out in 1965. Originally presented as a roadshow event picture, it found widespread acclaim once it hit broad release, ultimately holding the title of "highest grossing movie of all time" for 5 years prior to being knocked off its pedestal through The Godfather.

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It winner two golden Globes, a WGA Award, and also five Oscars, including ideal Director and Best Picture, and also reaffirmed the renowned understanding the Nazis, together a rule, space the pure pits. Additionally, it assisted to propel Christopher Plummer into the public eye, opened the door for years of more acting gigs.

All that which renders it a tiny peculiar to find out that Plummer, by his very own admission, hated The Sound that Music. Both in interviews and in his 2008 autobiography, In spite of Myself, that would typically refuse to even call the film by name, introduce to it instead as "the movie," "S&M," and, as soon as he to be a being an especially cheeky, "The Sound that Mucus." Plummer is much from the an initial performer to prosper to hate his most famed work, however it come off together startling to learn that he hosted a family members film about a singing nun in such poor esteem.

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As because that the factor for Plummer"s contempt, he provided a couple of explanations end the years. Periodically he expressed disdain for Captain Von Trapp: "I was a little bored with the character,” Plummer told The Boston Globe earlier in 2010. "Although we functioned hard sufficient to do him interesting, it to be a little like flogging a dead horse. And the subject matter is no mine. I mean, the can"t appeal come every human in the world. It"s not my cup of tea.” In 2011, he entered further information at one actors" ring table organized by The Hollywood Reporter. Citing The Sound that Music together his toughest function — strong words from the man who played the emperor in Starcrash — he referred to as the movie "so awful and also sentimental and gooey," and also recalled that he "had to job-related terribly difficult to try and infuse part minuscule little bit of humor into it."

Plummer would invest the bulk of his life staying clear of The Sound of Music at any time possible, turning down supplies to show up at the film"s 40th anniversary reunion prior to relenting and also joining his fellow Von Trapps ~ above The Oprah Winfrey Show because that the 45th. Meanwhile, top top the other side that the coin, there was one role that Plummer always regretted no playing. In one interview with Conan O"Brien, that expressed remorse over the truth that he had been available the component of Gandalf in Lord that the Rings yet turned it down. "...three or 4 years in brand-new Zealand," that said, "I thought probably there to be other countries I"d prefer to visit prior to I croak."