The late legend Christopher Plummer’s career stretched across six decades. However, probably his most well-known duty was in The Sound that Music.

In the lover 1965 musical, Plummer played Captain Von Trapp, a surly guy who at some point falls in love through Maria (Julie Andrews), a young nun who is hired to care for his seven children. The movie was set against Nazi-occupied Austria.

One of the most memorable moment of the movie is once Plummer sings “Edelweiss.” This is what us know around that details moment in the movie.

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Christopher Plummer hated filming ‘The Sound that Music’

Plummer was no at all impressed with The Sound the Music. As a Tony-Award to win Broadway actor, the felt that the role and the Hollywood music itself were beneath him.

“I had end up being a pampered, arrogant young bastard, spoiled by too many good theatre roles,” he revealed in his memoir In despite the of Myself. “I quiet harbored the old-fashioned phase actor’s snobbism toward moviemaking.” At the moment Plummer said the Boston Globe that he was “a little bit bored v the character” the Captain von Trapp. The new York time revealed the he’d dubbed the movie, “The Sound the Mucus.” 

In fact, Plummer wasn’t all the enthusiastic around the movie years later. “t to be so awful and also sentimental and also gooey,” the actor told Insider in 2011, “You had to work terribly difficult to shot and infuse some minuscule little of humor into it.”

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Christopher Plummer was drunk if filming a pivotal scene in ‘The Sound that Music’

Since Plummer could barely tolerate being in the film, he often got drunk ~ above The Sound that Music set. He also enjoyed flirting through actor Charmian Carr, who played his on-screen daughter Liesl to happen the time. Carr to be 21 as soon as The Sound of Music was filmed.

In the 35th anniversary execution of the DVD, because that The Sound of Music, Plummer admitted the he was fully wasted as soon as filming the all-important music festival scene.

“I was drinking favor mad in ~ the time,” Plummer revealed in his 2008 memoir. “There was no factor for me to drink as I was making fairly a most money, but I felt ns wasn’t act the kind of things I’d fairly be doing.”

He stated later, “My habits was unconscionable.”

Christopher Plummer didn’t in reality sing ‘Edelweiss’ in ‘The Sound that Music’

In among the film’s finest scenes. Captain Von Trapp sings a stunning rendition that “Edelweiss.” However, Plummer didn’t actually sing the song. Instead, the filmmakers decided to dub his voice over so the it would enhance perfectly and also be in pitch with Andrews’

“They did for the long passages,” the so late actor called NPR. “It was an extremely well done. The entrances and exits indigenous the songs were my voice, and then they filled in – in those days, they were an extremely fussy about matching voices in musicals. And also Julie, that course, had actually been – friend know, trained due to the fact that day one together a – i mean, she was ….tone perfect because she was in her cradle, i beg your pardon is one exasperating thing to admit. And it to be awfully hard to complement her and also her sustained, lengthy notes. So yeah, i was – they go it very well ’cause the sounded very much prefer me.”