The Sound the Music has managed to stand the check of time thanks to its extraordinary cast and timeless soundtrack. Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews brought the movie come life — in addition to the seven von Trapp children — and created an i can not forget story. And also while on screen it may have actually looked like things were together idyllic and peaceful together the Austrian Alps, there were much more than a few issues behind the scenes.

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Christopher Plummer | Christopher Polk/NBCU photograph Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty images via Getty Images

Christopher Plummer snapped 1 work on the collection of ‘The Sound that Music’

He walk on to explain one day that sent out him end the sheet — and when he realized that he needed to tone under his upset behavior.

“One morning i woke increase late with a raging hangover to discover that the film agency had left me no call sheet for the day’s work,” Plummer recalled, “Paranoid the had been overlooked, ignored.”

“I went ballistic!” he recounted. “I threw my apparel on and ran all over Salzburg make the efforts to find the unit. I lastly came upon castle filming a scene v Julie and also the youngsters on the outskirts of town. They were in the midst of a take, but I didn’t care. I walked right right into the shot and also let soon a present of abuse in ~ Mr. Wise and everyone existing for their absence of manners.”

“My blood was racing, my heart pounding,” he remembered. “I was apoplectic!” yet it turned out that Plummer’s anger to be his very own fault.

“With the patience of a saint tried obtaining it v my thick skull the no speak to sheet had actually been sent out me simply since I wasn’t required that day,” Plummer confessed. “Ashamed and also embarrassed come the allude of despair, i slunk earlier to mine hotel, my tail in between my legs. Ns was not, to put it mildly, in the greatest of shape.”