Jason Sudeikis Jokingly Calls out Olivia Wilde for "Traumatizing" their 4-Year-Old kid Otis at Disneyland — Watch!

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So handsome! will Reeve, the son of so late Superman star Christopher Reeve and also late actress Dana Reeve, was just 12 years old once his renowned father i m so sad passedy far at age 52 in October 2004. And now, 14 year later, Will, 26, is all grown up and also seriously the spitting photo of his dad, Christopher. Watch the video clip above to watch Will now and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

In 1995, Christopher was in a tragic steed riding accident the left him totally paralyzed native the neck down. Complying with his injury, the actor started the Christopher Reeve Paralysis structure to support research and also treatment because that spinal cord injuries. ~ Will’s mother, Dana, passed far from lung cancer in march 2006 at period 44, the organization was renamed the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.



Will in 2017. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Today, Christopher’s three children continue to honor his legacy. In 2015, Alexandra and her husband, Garren Givens, welcomed their first child and named the baby Christopher Russel Reeve Givens after her late father.

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Jason Sudeikis Jokingly Calls out Olivia Wilde because that "Traumatizing" your 4-Year-Old boy Otis at Disneyland — Watch!

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