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A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County medical Examiner-Coroner speak ET the the Young and also the Restless star died from hypertrophic heart disease. Other contributing factors of St. John’s death contained alcohol. His death was rule an accident.

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St. Man was found dead in ~ his house in Los Angeles ~ above Feb. 3. He to be 52. ET spoke through the actor"s previous on-screen wife, Victoria Rowell, adhering to his death. She tearfully opened up around the last conversation she had actually with her great friend.

"He sent me, not that long ago, every these pics of united state together," she said. "And I got to out to him, because this was a red flag. Why is he sending me these retrospective pics of ours relationship and also I got to out and also said, "Are friend OK?""

"He was fine," Rowell continued. "But the sat with me. The was always in the back of my brain because i knew he to be struggling."

St. Man is endured by his fiancee, model Kseniya Mikhaleva, and two children, Paris and Lola St. John. His 24-year-old son, Julian, died of a reported self-destruction at a mental wellness facility in 2014.

In 2017, St. John and his ex-wife, Mia, spoke with ET around struggling through their son’s death. See more in the video clip below.

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Reporting by Brendon Geoffrion.


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