Christopher Walken"s above voice and roles made him one of the many recognizable gibbs in Hollywood, with plenty the fascinating truth to his name.

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once it concerns the many fascinating gibbs in Hollywood, Christopher take walk is appropriate up there on the list. Considered to be among the many respected A-list actors around, he also has a call for gift odd and also eccentric. Playing everyone indigenous villains to heroes and appearing in everything from the most intense dramas to the silliest the comedies, he"s a significantly versatile actor with a cult following.

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now 77, walken is still going solid in his career. But there space a many of interesting things around his history that fans can not know.

10 He Has been in Over 100 Films and also TV Shows

Walken has been acting due to the fact that the "70s and has showed up in part really big films choose A watch to Kill, Batman Returns, Pulp Fiction, and also Catch Me If you Can, as well as silly ones choose Joe Dirt. However it"s remarkable to realize the he has actually actually to be in more than 100 films and also TV collection to date.

The 77-year-old has actually been consistently busy and energetic throughout his entire career and shows no indications of slowly down. He has two jobs in the works, and most recently appeared in War through Grandpa, The Jesus Rolls, and Irreplaceable You.

9 He Only has actually One Academy Award

One would certainly think that provided such an illustrious career and also A-list actor status, Walken would have more statues to his name. But alas, he has only ever before won a solitary Oscar. It was for ideal Supporting Actor because that 1978"s The Deer Hunter. He was nominated once an ext in 2003 for Catch Me If girlfriend Can.

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past Academy Awards, Walken still hasn"t gained the respect that deserves native the awards community. He has actually only ever before been nominated for a single gold Globe (in 1979 for The Deer Hunter as well) and also one Emmy in 1992 for Sarah, Plain and also Tall. He has never won either award.

8 He Was one of The Last human being To watch Natalie lumber Alive

actor Natalie hardwood passed far by drowned in 1981 under suspicious circumstances while on a boating pilgrimage in California. Walken was on the trip and one of the last world to see her alive.

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The situation was reopened in 2011 and her cause of death was adjusted from inadvertently to "undetermined." while Walken has actually not been considered a suspect in her death, actor Robert Wagner, come whom wood was married, and who was additionally on the boat, was called a human being of interest in 2018. The examination is ongoing.

7 He has actually A Standing market To hold SNL

walk is reportedly among only two actors who have a standing offer to hold sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live any type of time they want: the other is Alec Baldwin. Walken has hosted the present seven times. His most famed sketch is a spoof of Behind the Music where he plays document producer Bruce Dickinson who keeps questioning the band to include "more cowbell" come the song "(Don"t Fear) The Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult.

Other renowned sketches include The Continental, where he dram a creepy ladies males who keeps do the efforts to get a neighbor right into his apartment; and the Walken family Reunion where members of the cast impersonate Walken together though castle are long lost family members that all have the same voice patterns and mannerisms as him.

6 He Idolized Elvis Presley

Walken describes The King, Elvis Presley, as his an initial idol. He therefore idolized the so late musician together a teenager, in fact, that Walken not only modeled his very own look after ~ the singer, consisting of the signature pompadour hairstyle he had for countless years but additionally wrote and also starred in a 1995 play around the star.

The play, called Him, showed up in the new York Shakespeare Festival and looked at points from the perspective of Presley"s afterlife. It was not obtained well by many critics yet was plainly a passion job for Walken.

5 His genuine Name Is Ronald

It"s not uncommon for actors to use phase names, yet Walken"s is pretty exciting as he swapped a reasonably common first name because that another an extremely common very first name. The was actually born Ronald Walken, named after the actor Ronald Colman.

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It to be a nightclub owner in 1964 who suggested he adjust his name to Christopher, simply because she feel it suited him far better than Ronnie. Thus, any kind of projects he appeared in prior to that year will view him attributed as Ronald or Ronnie Walken.

4 He Is A Trained Dancer

Walken to be a child actor in the "50s together with his brothers, however his genuine passion was in reality dancing. The trained as a dancer, in fact, at the Washington run Studio and also even functioned as a dancer in ~ a cabaret nightclub. (The exact same club owned by the mrs who encouraged him to readjust his name.)

yet once Walken began going for, and also getting, dramatic stage roles, the left his dance career behind.

3 He worked As A Lion Tamer

actors have had plenty the boring work prior to hitting it big, from office work to carrying pizzas, waitressing, and also more. However Walken"s pre-acting occupation was in reality pretty interesting: he worked as a lion tamer in a circus.

He organized this job as a teenager and also was part of a huge act whereby the owner pretended Walken was his son and apprentice. The show associated a dozen lions and the owner, Terrel Jacobs, and also Walken would perform their point in equivalent outfits.

2 He"s A Sought-Out number For Music Videos

walk hasn"t simply acted in films, television, and also on stage, he is additionally a frequent challenge in music videos. In the "90s, he showed up in two: Madonna"s "Bad Girl," wherein he to be the angel of Death, and also in Skid Row"s "Breakin" Down."

but his many notable music video clip appearance was in Fatboy Slim"s "Weapon the Choice" video clip in 2001, which was directed by Spike Jonze and also won six MTV awards. The video clip begins with Walken sitting in a suit then slowing acquiring up dancing as he navigates L.A."s Marriott Hotel. The ide was strange yet an easy and is still considered to be one of the best music videos of every time.

1 He Was taken into consideration For The function Of Han Solo

while it"s tough to imagine anyone as Han Solo other than Harrison Ford, there to be actors who were considered for the function before he got it. And also one together actor was Walken. A then-struggling actor, he auditioned for the role but didn"t obtain it. Part sources, however, to speak Walken to be George Lucas" 2nd choice.

Interestingly, Walken has said the he isn"t therefore choosy about roles, the town hall every one the comes his method as a learning experience. He has reportedly only ever turned down functions if was as well busy with other projects.

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