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In just a few short years, Christy Mack go from being a quiet Midwestern wife to a renowned porn star and cage-side consistent as the girlfriend of previous UFC fighter Jon "War Machine" Koppenhaver. Then Aug. 8, 2014, happened.Digital icon Photography,
Christy Mack looks in ~ her confront sometimes -- the new one -- and tries to decide if she likes it far better than her old one. There space differences.

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Her glowing eyes used to it is in slightly an ext expressive. However the method her muscles cure after the attack, she now demands glasses. "It"s OK," she says. "They"re cute."

Her mouth has actually a different shape after so plenty of teeth to be broken. She has veneers, however they are uneven, a stopgap measure up so she can eat normally. She won"t laugh for photos till she gets them resolved again.

"I didn"t look in the winter for weeks," Mack says.

She examines her confront like it"s not quite her own. Imagine the -- the most straightforward recognition, and it"s gone.

"Just emotion my face, i knew the wasn"t right," she says. "So once I"d watch in the mirror, it"s not me -- that human being wasn"t me. It"s so hard to walk every work without gift you anymore."

Yet, after every the broken bones, a ruptured liver and also a thigh bruise so deep that she couldn"t walk for a week, Mack is ago to gift unmistakably it s her in a crew neck blue sweater and also jeans. She subversive sense of humor is fully intact.

It"s a heat day top top the cusp of springtime, when living in ras Vegas feels prefer cheating the misery of winters cultivation up in a small Midwestern town prefer Edinburgh, Indiana. Mack allows her pit bulls, Cleopitra and also Pitrick Swayzee -- view what she did there? -- right into the warmth desert sunshine of the courtyard.

Despite her ultimate celebrity, Mack, 23, had a deceptively standard childhood. She to be a cheerleader v her senior year in high school. She worked at the Nike keep at the neighborhood mall. Of course she can"t say for sure, but Mack thinks she may have actually been the last human in she high institution to lose her virginity.

She married her boyfriend at 18 and took treatment of their dogs while she husband worked at a vehicle dealership. And also if that were wherein the story ended, Mack"s life would have actually been completely, boringly normal. However she feeling restless, unsettled. So once she was approached around posing nude, she traded the Midwest and marriage for What"s Behind Door No. 3, and also went to Miami through her eye open.

With her unique looks -- a curvy structure featuring carefully designed tattoos, a long black mohawk and also an affinity for her pet snake -- she rocketed to the peak of the adult film industry. And there were rewards and a sort of underground fame the she enjoyed.

But she never taken into consideration that component of her adventure would incorporate starring in just about the most horrific residential violence case you"ll ever before hear about, allegedly at the hand of a famed athlete.


Sitting top top a white animal leather couch in her gated house a few miles turn off the ras Vegas Strip, Mack has determined that, brand-new face or old, she feels great again. And she can also laugh about the stuff the still feels weird.

"Found out the fake components of my teeth glow in the tanning bed. Therefore that"s fun, ns guess. I"m glad the doesn"t occur with mine boobs ..." she tweeted in December.

Until the at an early stage morning hours of Aug. 8, 2014, the night ras Vegas prosecutors allege she was almost beaten to fatality by previous UFC fighter Jon "War Machine" Koppenhaver, Mack"s beauty to be still she calling card, and also modeling was she job.

Jon "War Machine" Koppenhaver is 14-5 in his MMA career, consisting of a 1-1 main record together a UFC fighter.Keith Mills/Sherdog.comWhen Christine Mackinday started her career, the petite 5-foot-1 rebel thought about many various hairstyles before finally settling on a long black mohawk. It gave her a renegade watch that was in stylized defiance to all the interchangeable blondes in the adult industry. She supplied her hair come signal her membership in some other yet undiscovered tribe and attracted an ardent pan base as she transitioned from nude photos to adult videos.

By the time she met Koppenhaver in the feather of 2013, she to be an developed porn star. As War machine -- Koppenhaver had his name legally adjusted in 2008 -- the pingponged from the UFC come several various other MMA organizations, and also he had been dabbling in porn himself. He had actually served prison time already after many arrests, most of which involved fighting in ~ bars. She didn"t know around those worries until she was currently in love.

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They"d met on a photograph shoot. Mack didn"t feeling well (it was pneumonia), and he offered to pertained to her hotel and take treatment of her. She told the they would not be having actually sex, and he wanted to cave out with her anyway. Castle ate pizza and talked; Mack feel taken treatment of. "It was an exceptional connection," Mack says. "I dropped in love yes, really quick."

Koppenhaver didn"t approve of she work, however for a year they were a couple, even living together on two separate occasions in ~ her ras Vegas home. When War an equipment fought on one MMA card, she was the notoriously beautiful erotic star who was cage-side at all of his fights. She claims the violence began to lug over native the cage to house life, though.

"He came to be abusive around four to five months in, but by that time i was completely in love v him," Mack says. "So, therefore in love. The first time ns thought, "Oh it"ll never happen again." The work after, that stayed residence from training and also coddled me. ~ every time he would certainly hit me, those were the ideal days of our relationship."

When Mack post graphic photos of her injuries, her story the alleged residential violence walk viral.Twitter/