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The minivan"s reputation as a for sure ride might take a dent indigenous the latest collection of rigorous crash tests.

The worst performers to be the Nissan (NSANF) Quest, the Chrysler city & Country and the Dodge cool Caravan, follow to the insurance allowance Institute for Highway Safety.

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"Minivans room a popular choice among safety-conscious parents, but three of castle fail spectacularly in the small overlap front crash test," review the new IIHS report.

In that kind of crash, the front edge of the vehicle takes the brunt of the impact, like in a collision through a tree or desk lamp post. That puts extra stress and anxiety on the vehicle"s shock-absorbing structure.

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The exception was the Toyota Sienna, which earned an "acceptable" safety rating from IIHS. The Honda Odyssey performed fine last year yet was no tested this year.

yet the others just didn"t organize up.

part of the Quest had a dent the was 2 feet deep.

"The dummy"s left leg to be trapped between the seat and also the tool panel, and also its best foot to be caught in between the brake pedal and toe pan," IIHS said.

"(T)echnicians had actually to cut the entire seat out and then usage a crowbar to cost-free the ideal foot," the academy added. "A real human experiencing this would certainly be happy to ever walk typically again."

Nissan spokesman Steve Yaeger said his company "will proceed to evaluation these and also other results from IIHS trial and error as us seek opportunities for improvements."

consumer Reports responded to the test by suspending its reference of the Quest.

IIHS tested number of minivan models, and said number of "fail spectacularly in the little overlap former crash test."

The town & Country"s framework "collapsed around the dummy," and also the airbags did not sufficiently defend the driver, IIHS said. The automobile is also sold under the evade brand as the grand Caravan.

Chrysler comment that car safety should be perceived through the results of multiple tests.

"Chrysler group minivans fulfill or exceed all government-mandated safety requirements," the company said. "They room unchanged, structurally, from previous model-year vehicles that got the greatest performance ratings bestowed through the IIHS in exam simulating the 4 main crash types."