GRAND CHUTE - The many prolific band in the Fox cities for much more than 20 years has left the phase for good.

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The epic operation of Munch"s Make think Band, the animatronic gang who"ve entertained thousands of youngsters and also their parents at the chuck E. Cheese restaurant near the Fox river Mall for so many days since it opened up in April 1998, ended last month. The robotic band featuring a mouse, a chicken, a dog, a monster and also a mustachioed pizza-maker will burn out rather than fade away. 

The demise of the enduring performers was as result of circumstances the end of the band"s control. Chuck E.Cheese locations roughly the country are undergoing comprehensive renovations, remove the once-buzzworthy bands in donate of a light-up dance floor. 

It"s not specifically like how digital musicians and DJs have replaced traditional rock bands in many facets of the culture. But it"s likewise not completely not like that. 

The Munch"s Make believe Band — which had lead vocalists lining E. Cheese and also Helen Henny, guitarist Jasper T. Jowls, drummer Pasqually P. Pieplate and also keyboardist Mr. Munch — take it its figurative final bow ~ above a Sunday evening in late October. Their farewell performance capped a run of sets every hour ~ above the fifty percent hour 7 days a main for an ext than 20 years. 

Renovation work began the following day.

"A son today has such high expectations for entertainment that the animatronics, also at their absolute best, can"t live up to those expectations," Tom Leverton, the CEO that the agency that runs chuck E. Cheese, told NPR in 2017.

The new-look restaurant will have actually a grand reopening ~ above Dec. 3. 

The Munch"s Make think Band played for numerous Chuck E. Cheese patrons end the years, consisting of for date of birth parties. During the heyday, human being would travel for hours to hear their jams, throw some skee-ball and scarf down pizza.

Despite the demanding schedule, lining E. Cheese and company were recognized to constantly deliver the same amount of energy and enthusiasm, even if it is the dining area was packed through guests or there is no of all human activity. Just the occasional technical an obstacle could carry the spectacle come a halt. 

And you best believe Munch maniacs have taken notice. When word an initial got out about the upcoming pizzeria overhauls nationwide, indie singer-songwriter Father john Misty composed at length around the coming breakup that Munch"s Make think Band and its charismatic leader — the mouse whose middle name to be literally Entertainment.

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"Chuck was an interpreter," the wrote. "He didn"t create much, exterior of his seminal "Happy Birthday" yet neither did Frank (expletive) Sinatra. Favor Sinatra, lining wasn"t "the best." however he had actually a style, and also style cannot be taught; other we have tendency to forget in this era of produced pop stars."

And unequal so numerous bands of the previous several years who"ve called it quits just to regather for much anticipated reunion shows, it appears far-fetched that Munch"s Make think Band would certainly be adding much more chapters to their story. The animatronic characters were pulled from their grand Chute stage and also have been shipped earlier to the company"s headquarters in Texas.