Hosting more than 2 million parties annually, CEC Entertainment, Inc., The Birthday resources of the Universe(R), is having actually a bash that its own to memory 30 years together a location Where a Kid have the right to be a Kid(R).

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IRVING, Texas, Aug 01, 2007 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX News Network/ -- after ~ 30 year ofsuccessfully evolving the ar Where a Kid deserve to be a Kid(R), fun-loving andever-youthful lining E. Cheese, with his timeless remaining power, is quiet thestar of the show. Come celebrate, the agency is providing special 30thanniversary deals and also coupons, which have the right to be downloaded at

"As various as children are now from our very first guests in 1977, there"sstill the child-like desire to have actually fun -- it"s the eternal continuous thatdrives our success," said dick Frank, CEC entertainment Chairman and also CEO."What"s more, our game and ride tokens are still 25 cents -- the exact same price as30 years ago, and all of our games and rides are only one token every play, soour stores provide an excellent fun at great value come guests."

CEC entertainment (NYSE: CEC) is endowed with a legacy of creation thatstarted through gaming genius Nolan Bushnell. He established Atari coporation, group andinvented Pong, one of the very first successful video games. He additionally developed theanimatronics, which to be the an initial species of chuck E. Cheese and his PizzaTime Players. "Chuck E. Cheese"s started as a kid"s arcade attraction withpizza and an animatronics show," said Frank. "Today we"re the industry leaderin the household restaurant and also entertainment segment, and also parents, that wereamong our an initial generation the customers, now bring their kids to CEC come createall brand-new memories."

Amy Clark is a perfect example. The 30-something Dallas, Texas, mombrings her 2 daughters, Molly and also Amber, to chuck E. Cheese"s for birthdayparties, other special occasions, or just to have actually a great time v her kids."I remember exactly how excited ns was to go to chuck E. Cheese"s together a kid," saysClark. "The music, bright lights and flurry of tasks were amazing, andthen lining E. Cheese would appear out of no wherein ... Wow ... What a thrill."Clark, who celebrated her 7th birthday at chuck E. Cheese"s in 1984, recentlyhosted oldest daughter Molly"s fifth birthday there together well. "It"s pretty neatto come ago and view the excited in your child"s face as they dance andsing v Chuck E. Cheese come the birthday song," she says. "I know how shefelt."

Keeping the ide new, fresh and also exciting is CEC"s ongoing commitment.This commitment includes refinements come games, rides and attractions, showsand prizes, as well as menu enhancements.

"Kids grow much more sophisticated v each generation," said Frank. "Theyare shame by an innovation advances, inundated through information and also influencedby television. Our project is to remain ahead the the trends and keep our storesfresh and exciting for kids, if offering great value and quality company ina safe, wholesome atmosphere for their parents. The advancement of our brand isa work-related in progress that continually revitalizes our product and also keeps us youngat heart, and universal in appeal."

The variety of kids who have visited lining E. Cheese"s due to the fact that it opened up in1977 attests come the popularity and also staying strength of ours concept. Much more than100 million children have visited and also enjoyed the games, pizza, and the lining E.Cheese character end the past 30 years.

The an outcome is a highly regarded brand with timeless appeal acrossdemographic lines and generational boundaries. "Chuck E. Cheese"s popularityamong youngsters rivals the of the most universally recognized and lovedcartoon characters," claimed Frank. In fact, follow to a Cartoon Q RankingStudy* among kids ages 6-8, lining E. Cheese"s personality ranks among the top4 percent of favorite characters ahead the Mickey Mouse, Ronald McDonald, TheFlintstones, Barbie and also Snoopy.

Frank stated rides, games and attractions aren"t the only things that muststay fresh and also exciting. Food selection items must additionally evolve and also be interesting anddesirable because that guests. "We began as a pizza just menu, yet our menus havedeveloped end time and now encompass a new salad bar, grilled sandwiches,buffalo wings, Italian subs and also desserts," that said. "After 30 years, wecontinue to improve the ide to stay in touch through the times and remaintrue come our mission -- to it is in a place Where a Kid have the right to Be a Kid(R)."

* Cartoon Q is an independent industry study performed yearly by Marketing Evaluations, Inc. The study measures character familiarity and likeability.

About lining E. Cheese"s

With its lively animated mirrors starring every kid"s hero, lining E. Cheese,and cool games, sky tubes and mazes, lining E. Cheese"s is specific to delightkids of every ages. Those in search of a little more action can check out the funindoor rides choose the hovering helicopter, rotate carousel and also rumblingbulldozer. Best of all, kids can earn tickets valid toward fun prizes thatthey can take house to enjoy. Chuck E. Cheese"s offers freshly do pizza, asalad bar, appetizers and desserts because that the whole family. The firm isheadquartered in Irving, Texas, and is on the new York share Exchange tradingunder the ticker prize (CEC). CEC Entertainment, Inc. Consists of 487corporately owned and also operated lining E. Cheese"s restaurants and 44 franchiserestaurants. The firm operates in 48 states and five international countries.

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SOURCE: CEC Entertainment, Inc.

Brenda Holloway, PR-Marketing Manager the CEC to chat Inc., +1-972-258-4222