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Helen HennyHelen Henny was the original guest star the went top top to become one that the permanant cast members. Helen has been just one of the most versitile guests, having been the just character to appear in both the cabaret and on the key stage. She has likewise undergone some of the best character transforms through the years. During the 1990s, Helen"s character obtained even an ext prominence together she began to be marketed toward young girls, showing up on much more merchandise than any kind of character other than lining E. Cheese.Late 1970sHelen Henny to be the very very first guest star, having appeared in 1977 if Pizza Time Theatre was still own by Atari. She again showed up in November, 1978 at the opened of Pizza Time Theatre"s 2nd store top top Kooser Rd, wherein she was simply described as "direct indigenous a triumphal tour of Madagascar"1. The concept for Helen Henny to be a loose parody of the famed singer Helen Reddy, together the idea because that the faster guests was to basic them on famed stars2 such as the concept-characters "Elkton John" and also "Glen Camel" mentioned in the initial Pizza Time Theatre Program3. In Helen"s an initial appearance, she played a guitar and also looked much more like a goose than a chicken.Shortly after her debut on the key stage, Helen showed up in the Cabaret Lounge as the "Hollywood Chicken"4. Not lot is known about her time in the Cabaret, other than details that can be checked out from this photo, wherein she is sit on her luggage, performing external of "Eggstravagant motion Pictures". One of Helen"s faster showtapes was voiced by Paula Mulcahy, who was much better known as the voice of madame Oink5.If friend have any kind of further information about Helen Helen from the late 1970s - please contact us!The 1980sHelen Henny do her return to the stage in 1983, showing up as "Broadway" Helen Henny6. Wardrobe super Kathy Hopp and cosmetic designer Jul Kamen were offered the task of update Helen for her return - a preliminary breeze of Helen"s redesign have the right to be seen below in Kathy Hopp"s principle art. Upon her 1983 return, Helen to be voiced through Nancy Lenihan, that protrayed Helen in a boisterous fashion v a constant intermittent clucking. Shortly following Helen"s reintroduction, Pizza Time Theatre began to discover themselves in financial problem which eventually culminated in a bankruptcy a few months later. Throughout this time of jae won troubles, many elements of the company"s procedure were slowed down considerably, consisting of extraneous costs such together the creation of new characters. A few cheaper options were attepmted to save the show looking fresh, such together the Bandstand personality outfits, yet the advent of new guest stars became a point of the past.

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As soon as ShowBiz Pizza location took control of Pizza Time Theatre, Helen survived practically by default, because she simply happened to it is in the present guest already installed in all locations. The 1990sComing Soon!The 2000s - TodayComing Soon!References1 - 1978 Kooser store Opening promotional Materials2 - SP.com Correspondence through Harold Goldbrandsen3 - 1977 Pizza Time Theatre Program4 - 1979/1980 Pizza Time Theatre routine (CA Stores)5 - SP.com correspondence through Paula Mulcahy-Keane6 - The Pizza times - Vol 3, concern 2 (Page 4)