We’ve report on lot of of success stories from My 600 Lb Life Season 2, and also now we’ve got one more one to share. Numerous of the show’s earliest actors members, from Zsalynn to Olivia to James Jones and beyond, have lost vast amounts that weight and kept the load off, coming to be inspirations for later cast members in the process. And also it looks choose My 600 Lb Life Chuck now is a member that those ranks, as well.

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Chuck’s optimal weight the 698 pounds left him greatly immobile and also dependent ~ above his second wife, Nissa, for support. Though Chuck and also Nissa’s marriage developed an adopted baby boy named Nathan, Chuck could neither play through nor care for his son as much as he wanted. It was an obvious and also heavy stress, overload on Nissa, who acknowledged there to be no intimacy in her marriage to chuck admitted she felt favor “a servant.”

Eventually, Chuck and also Nissa go split. It to be the second of Chuck’s marriages; the first, which ended when his his mam was murdered in 2006, marked the beginning of Chuck’s depression and severe load gain. A 40-pound lymphedema massive on his left leg soon followed, and also Chuck’s despair compounded.

But the start of Chuck’s My 600 Lb Life journey significant a secure turnaround for the Beaumont native. Chuck had the ability to lose sufficient weight to qualify for weight loss surgery, dropping come 260 for a complete loss that 433 pounds — virtually two-thirds the his human body weight. He can climb on his wrecking service’s flatbed truck because that the an initial time in years: “It means a lot to me,” lining said, “to be able to do mine job choose I should.”

Of course, Chuck’s load loss surgery and overall success didn’t average that he to be able to change overnight. His body to be different, however Chuck’s perspective toward food took longer to alter.

“I thought the surgery would take far my cravings, however it hasn’t been that simple,” chuck said. “I’m eating less, but I still like great food that tastes good.

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“Now that my surgery’s been done and it’s over with, I recognize what I have the right to eat, and also that’s it….If you’ve eaten an ext than you’re claimed to, it’ll really make you sick,” lining explained, prior to vomiting into a take-out bag:

How is My 600 Lb Life lining now? He’s looking an excellent in the most recent photo Chuck has made public:


Though not fairly as suave together the pics accompanying a social media account lengthy rumored come belong come Chuck. The Twitter manage
SmallTownChuck boasts a brief bio that fits with Chuck Taylor’s own: “I’ve lived in this city all mine life… Never had a factor to leave, and also don’t setup on leaving any kind of time soon… maybe that’s why my mam left.” and it appears to have led some My 600 Lb Life viewers to think — no, we’re not making this increase — the they’d discovered a hiding ar for Chuck, who rarely provides social media update on himself.

If you look at the accompanying photos, though, you’ll find reason to it is in juuust a little skeptical