Show creator chuck Lorre's covert nuggets in ~ the finish of each episode pertained to a fitting close after the collection finale.

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Show creator lining Lorre's covert nuggets in ~ the finish of each episode pertained to a fitting close ~ the series finale.

The tape was performing in LA and also Ed ad-libbed a song around the world on stage that night, which was motivated by a book he had just read referred to as The big Bang: The origin of the Universe by Simon Singh.

Unbeknownst come Ed Robertson, sitcom creator chuck Lorre remained in the audience. That's when he made decision to questioning The Barenaked ladies to record the theme song to the brand-new sitcom the was occurring - dubbed The huge Bang Theory.

Ed wrote it in the shower one day, exactly one-half hour prior to he was scheduled to pat it over the phone call to chuck Lorre.


Big Bang concept creator, lining Lorre.

Lorre loved it and also the remainder is sitcom history.

The huge Bang Theory will certainly go under in history as one of the highest possible rated, most-loved sitcoms of all time. Nearly 18 million human being tuned into the collection finale.

Over that is 12-year run, the show contained lots of small Easter eggs and also ongoing gags that loyal fans loved. Yet one that the most interesting developed at the end of every episode.

Right after ~ the credits, a rapid card through some composing on it would certainly flash by. The card would only last one second - not almost long sufficient to review it.

At very first glance, it looked choose fine print. Prefer a common network disclaimer. But it wasn't. It to be a article from lining Lorre. It just said: "The end."


The actors of The big Bang Theory. (Courtesy that CTV)

Lorre created a various message at the finish of every single episode that The large Bang Theory. As a matter of fact, he wrote those one-second cards at the end of every the sitcoms the created start in 1995 - including Grace Under Fire, Two and a fifty percent Men, Mike & Molly and Dharma & Greg.

Here's the very an initial card Lorre composed for the end of the very first Dharma & Greg episode.

"Thanks because that videotaping Dharma & Greg and also for freeze framing on my video clip card." then he go on to muse the the law of Karma didn't apply to civilization in Hollywood because great things occur to poor people all the time. He said Larry to be the most underrated that the three Stooges. He thought beer to be a gateway drug that result in vodka. He said what doesn't kill us, makes us bitter. And he said when the network reads this card, he to be going to be in large trouble.

Card #412 in ~ the finish of Two and a half Men said:

"Do not attempt come replicate what you experienced in tonight's illustration of Two and a half Men. In spite of the seeming absence of serious results and regardless of the hilarity that ensued, this is incredibly dangerous behaviour that could an outcome in injury or death. Please save in mental that us employ a highly-paid Hollywood experienced who has years of experience with placing his life at risk. And also sadly, no, I'm no talking around our stunt man."

Clearly, the wasn't above taking a jab in ~ his top man, Charlie Sheen.

Another card simply said: "Nothing to review here. Move along."

Still another listed the words that confuse the CBS censors. Choose "Cockamamie, kumquat, insertion, rectify, gherkin, titter, penis Butkus and the always bewildering lickety-split."

That one was in reality censored through the network censors.

The cards had Lorre's ideology of life, his failings, his kids, his health and he also wrote his own 457-word eulogy. In a one-second card.

He eventually gathered 333 of his split-second message (including the censored ones) and compiled them into a big coffee-table publication with a title stolen indigenous his very first Dharma & Greg card: What Doesn't kill You makes You Bitter.

In the foreword of that book, chuck Lorre explains his vanity-card mission.

It to be to use prime-time television to chronicle an unraveling life and raveling job in subliminal, one-second, hard-to-read increments.

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