Chuck Norris has starred in such activity films together "Return that the Dragon" and "Missing in Action." He additionally starred ~ above the hit TV series "Walker, Texas Ranger."

Who Is chuck Norris?

Chuck Norris started studying martial arts in Korea in the 1950s. He was serving in the U.S. Air pressure at the time. As soon as he returned home, Norris soon opened up his karate studio. The switched to movie in the 1970s, showing up with Bruce Lee in Way that the Dragon. Norris became a well-known action-film star in the 1980s and starred in his very own television series in the 1990s.

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Early Years

The oldest of 3 boys, chuck Norris once defined himself as "the shy kid who never excelled in ~ anything in school." His father was an alcoholic who all yet disappeared indigenous Norris' life after his parental divorced. At the period of 10, Norris moved with his mother and brothers come California. There, the attended north Torrance High School.

Norris married his high institution sweetheart, Dianne Holechek, in 1958 -- the exact same year he joined the U.S. Waiting Force. If stationed at the Osan Air base in southern Korea, he began studying martial arts. The left the organization in 1962, and started working as a karate instructor.

Martial art Expert

In the 1960s, Norris opened much more than 30 karate studios. He taught numerous celebrities, including Priscilla Presley and also actor Steve McQueen. McQueen motivated his teacher to try acting. In addition to being an instructor, Norris also was a fierce competitor. The participated in numerous martial art tournaments, and he won plenty of of the occasions he competed in.




Norris deserve his an initial World Middleweight Karate Championship location in 1968. Prove to be among the best fighters in martial arts, he protected this location five much more times. He chose to retire after ~ his 1974 victory.

Film and also Television Star

While he had actually made one short film illustration previously, Norris made more of an impact on movie-goers in 1972's Way that the Dragon (also known as Return that the Dragon in the unified States). Among the highlights that the film was a fight scene in between Norris and martial arts activity star Bruce Lee, staged in the famed Roman Colosseum. In 1977, Norris had his an initial starring role in the activity film Breaker! Breaker!.

Movie audiences loved to clock him mete the end swift justice to poor guys in such movies as Good guys Wear Black and also Forced Vengeance. In Missing in Action (1984), Norris play a former prisoner of battle who return to Vietnam to complimentary other soldiers still being held. He did this film and also its sequels together a tribute to his younger brother, Wieland, who passed away in combat in Vietnam.

Norris got warmer reviews because that his cop movie, Code that Silence (1985), and also teamed up through the legendary challenging guy Lee Marvin for the military activity film The Delta Force (1986). Norris' box-office appeal, however, was start to fade by the beforehand 1990s. No much longer making hit movies, that made the move to the tiny screen v Walker, Texas Ranger. Norris played Cordell Walker, an honorable crime fighter, for eight years. The show had a solid following, and was tho faring well in the ratings once it went off the air in 2001. Since then, Norris has actually taken on couple of acting roles. That has additionally served as a product spokesperson, appearing in infomercials for practice equipment.

Philanthropist and Activist

Norris has actually been a longtime support of plenty of charities, consisting of the Make-A-Wish structure and the united Way. In 1992, Norris began his own charitable organization referred to as Kickstart with help from president George H.W. Bush. Kickstart gives martial art training to middle-school students to discover respect and discipline and also to enhance their self-esteem.

Politically conservative, Norris has actually campaigned on behalf of Republican candidates. The backed shrub in the 1988 presidential election and supported Mike Huckabee in the 2008 gyeongju for the Republican nomination. A believer in the Constitution's 2nd Amendment, Norris has worked with the national Rifle association to protest some law on restricting pistol ownership.

HISTORY auto Week Special

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Personal Life

Norris has been married twice. He has actually three kids from his first marriage to Dianne Holechek. The pair divorced in 1988. In 1998, Norris married Gena O'Kelley and also they welcomed twins three years later.

Norris loves speed, and has completed in off-shore powerboat competitions. In 1997, he reached an important martial arts milestone, ending up being the an initial man in the west Hemisphere to knife an 8th degree Black Belt Grand grasp title.

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Possessing a more contemplative side, Norris has written numerous books. He released his, The mystery of within Strength, in 1988, which ended up being a bestseller. A couple of years later, Norris penned a self-help tome, The mystery Power Within: Zen options to genuine Problems. In 2007, Norris was made an honorary U.S. Naval for his years of assistance of the military, in particular wounded servicemen.