A decade after lining Norris starred in and also as Lone wolf McQuade as a Texas ranger, Leslie Greif and also Paul Haggis decided to execute a TV variation of the 1983 movie. And also so in 1993, Walker, Texas Ranger became aired ~ above CBS and turned into such a success, the ran on because that 200 episodes. Go everyone like the show?

Well, not really. That said; clearly, enough human being did for the present went on, all the way till 2001. Later, that spawned a TV movie together well. The TV series was moralistic in nature through Norris using plenty of martial arts once in need of combative skills.

plus his truck, a Dodge, appeared to it is in bestowed through superpowers enough to defy the legislations of physics when Norris was stuck in tight situations. Therefore which van was an effective enough to it is in the loyal steed of chuck Norris, aka Texas Ranger Sergeant Cordell Walker, and why?

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Let’s uncover out more about what chuck Norris drove in Walker, Texas Ranger

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Season One Debuted v This Truck

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In season one, Texas Ranger Sergeant Cordell walker is checked out to be riding in and also out of problem in a blue truck, later identified as a GMC Sierra, a 1992-93 model identified so because the tailgate the this truck bears the surname Sierra in a smaller font and also the GMC Truck argorial is additionally smaller. The ’89-’91 GMC Sierra trucks had actually a big banner right throughout the facility of the tailgate v a huge GMC and a smaller EFI badge on the right-hand next corner.

In 1992, the GMC Sierras, the mechanical twins of the Chevrolet C/K trucks bore either a 4.3-liter V6 or a 5.0-liter, 5.7-liter, and 7.4-liter V8, jetting 160, 175 210, and 230 horses respectively. The truck to be light blue and also it’s unclear as to which the the trims it was.

but then the next season came and also the GMC was dropped through Walker, Texas Ranger powering up to a more sturdy truck…

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In 2015, dodge Commemorated This cooperation By Launching The lamb 1500 Texas Ranger principle Truck via autoevolution
Texas Ranger Sergeant Cordell pedestrian is checked out to be old school following the principles of the West. Much like the cowboys that yore, he share a special partnership with his faithful steed, especially because he upgraded his ride.

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Season one appeared to have an understanding with general Motors, i beg your pardon is why it was the GMC Sierra that pedestrian drove. Through season two, it appears the erstwhile agreement fell through and a new one was drawn between the producers and Dodge, and he currently bore down on all the angry in the world in his extended-cab evade Ram.

The format was all big rig and when the criminals saw that bull’s-eye grill bearing down on them in the rearview mirror, castle trembled. Therefore a most Walker’s work-related seemed to be done by his truck itself.

This all-new Dodge lamb debuted in 1994 itself v styling the decimated the competition. It appears Dodge want a family-friendly present to market and also promote its brand-new Ram, and also Walker, Texas Ranger appeared to be the ideal location to carry out it. And it was this truck that walker drove for the remainder of the periods of the show.

The brand-new and improved Ram 1500 now bore a 5.2-liter V8 the made 220 horsepower and also revved through 300 ft-lb that torque, enough to record just around the many dastardly that villains. According to some experts, the sound that the truck is an ext reminiscent that a practice exhaust but none the this has ever been confirmed.

The truck come in a the shade of steel grey, probably to lug home the truth that Walker has actually steely intentions when it involved nefarious activities.

In 2015, evade commemorated this cooperation by launching the lamb 1500 Texas Ranger principle truck that was grey and also bore numerous silver Lone Star badges together with a rather distinctive wooden trim. There space Ranger-themed graphics on the infotainment display as well and also the insides are just done increase in saddle-colored leather.