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Published10 December 2017

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The daughter of U.S. Senator chuck Schumer recently talked out about her father"s claimed affair with one of her high institution classmates.

On 8 December 2017, the “America’s Last heat of Defense” net site published an post reporting that the daughter of U.S. Senator chuck Schumer (D.-NY) had actually recently talked out about her father’s an alleged affair with among her high college classmates:

Things simply keep acquiring worse for the Democrat party. As Republicans choose Roy Moore are being exonerated left and right, Democrats space falling favor dominoes to accusations of sex-related assault. The latest may be the worst.

Chuck Schumer, the holier-than-thou Democrat who has repeatedly referred to as for judge Roy Moore come drop the end of the Senate gyeongju over bogus sexual assault charges, might be dealing with a sex scandal of his own. Schumer’s daughter, Lisa, has actually come front to recognize that she father was rather the ladies male … to she high school cheerleader friends:

“My dad is being a hypocrite and that’s why ns speaking out. When I was in high college he date my best friend Rebecca and even gained her pregnant twice. He payment for she abortions twice and spent a ton the money onn her at Steak and also Shake and also Victoria’s Secret. She fell in love with him and he broke her heart. My mommy paid she to it is in quiet and also go away. Three years later on she cursed suicide.”

The girl in question might not have the ability to testify in court, yet her diaries, which could be admitted as a dice declaration, room apparently very detailed. Lisa Schumer states her friend’s mother entrusted her v the secret, telling her to store it a mystery forever if she could. Lisa says she “was an extremely concerned the her daughter’s name would certainly be dragged through the mud.”

The story is set to break on Reuters and Breitbart first thing in the morning, follow to Fred Bernswallow.

There to be no fact to this story: senator Schumer walk not have actually a daughter called Lisa (his daughters are Jessica and also Alison), and neither Reuters nor Breitbart (nor any other real news organization) has published a report ~ above this subject. Nonetheless, countless readers mistook it because that a genuine news account:

You have to be kidding me…

BREAKING: chuck Schumer’s Daughter division Her Silence around Her Dad’s Affair with A High institution Cheerleader – https://t.co/n4RJEpFaQg via
FrankenHarpo) December 9, 2017

This story originated with (and was exclusive to) “America’s Last line of Defense,” a junks news website that specializes in spreading political info under the guise the proffering “satire.” The site’s disclaimer notes the all its contents is fictional:

America’s Last heat of Defense is a whimsical playland of conservative satire.

Everything top top this website is fiction. That is not a lie and also it is no fake news due to the fact that it is no real. If you think that that is real, friend should have actually your head examined. Any kind of similarities between this site’s pure fantasy and also actual people, places and also events are purely coincidental and also all photos should be thought about altered and satirical.

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On 12 December 2017, reports emerged around an effort to frame Schumer in a sex scandal, one including forged documents. The Senator report the alleged to plot to regulation enforcement, follow to the news web site Axios.