Senate minority Leader chuck Schumer has actually accused trump of overseeing an administration in disarray, with an extraordinary merry-go-round that departures and also acting officials amid speculations of who will be next to go. | AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

State that the Union 2019

Schumer predicts 'empty' unit talk and also policy guarantees from Trump's address

Senate minority Leader lining Schumer top top Tuesday panned the upcoming State the the Union attend to hours prior to President Donald trump card was collection to provide it, predicting "empty" rhetoric and policy purposes from the president"s resolve to a share session that Congress.

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Speaking ~ above the Senate floor Tuesday morning, Schumer (D-N.Y.) forecasted that Trump would certainly exaggerate — if no lie around — his administration"s accomplishments and offer a litany of north promises. Schumer listed a variety of promises trump made during his critical State of the Union, from beating ISIS to opening more manufacturing plants in the country, the the decimal leader said the president has actually failed to save in the months since.

“Every president uses the State of the Union to set goals, but few have excellent it therefore cheaply and indifferently,” Schumer said.

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The White House has hinted the unity will be a significant theme of Tuesday"s presidential address, however Schumer accused trump card of stoking the department that has actually plagued the country through his incendiary tweets and verbal assaults on political opponents. Schumer accused trumped of overseeing an management in disarray, with an extraordinary merry-go-round of departures and acting officials between speculations of who will be alongside go.

Trump was rapid to respond come Schumer, accusing prejudging his Tuesday night address.

"I watch Schumer is currently criticizing my State the the Union speech, even though that hasn’t seen it yet. He’s just upset that he didn’t victory the Senate, after ~ spending a fortune, choose he believed he would. Too negative we weren’t given an ext credit because that the Senate win by the media!" trump tweeted Tuesday morning shortly after Schumer"s remarks.


About an hour later on Schumer responded on Twitter: "Thanks for watching my speech but you must have actually missed this line: "Even more empty 보다 his plan promises space President Trump’s calls each year for unity.""

Trump"s Tuesday night State the the Union was originally scheduled for last week but was postponed by house Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who insisted that the decided be rescheduled between a terse back-and-forth over a federal government shutdown. The attend to was rescheduled for this mainly after the president agreed to sign legislation reopening the federal government without obtaining funding for a wall surface along the U.S.-Mexico border, a old priority of his.

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