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It was definitely a spooky however incredible exploration Sunday for firefighters in West Virginia after ~ they comment to a speak to at freedom Ministries Church in Grandview in the middle of the night. When firefighters arrived, the damaging fire was apparently so hot that number of men had actually to walk in and also out many times, racing v the building in flames.

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After what seemed prefer hours, the coal City Fire room managed to placed out the church fire as fast as they could but were shocked through what they discovered in the rubble the a church fire. Some could say a miracle, rather coincidence, yet what is truly unexplainable was the truth that firefighters noticed not a single Bible or a single cross within the West Virginia church was harmed in any way shape or form. West Virginia Firefighters referred to as this extraordinary due to the fact that the fire should have destroyed everything within the building due to the warmth of the flames.

The room quickly developed a Facebook short article to present their findings, and also not shockingly enough, it quickly went viral. The article shows every Bibles laying with each other in a stack, surrounding by burnt ash and also a single church’s cross uncovered untouched. Now, have the right to this purely be a coincidence because the untouched Bibles were yes, really big, and also the fire couldn’t acquire to the inside? Well, maybe? but it sure is type of creepy. It renders you 2nd guess everything, that’s for sure! however then again, the church type of go burn down in a enormous fire…so?

The cause of the fire continues to be unknown, however the firefighters thanked God for protecting the guys in the middle of the smoke, saying that although the odds were versus them, God to be not. And also I’m sure during the incident, prayers come Jesus were being stated in fear of safety and for protection.

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Editor’s note: This write-up was initially published on in march 5, 2019.

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