Text messages between private investigators display how ex-cops were rolling the ‘Second Act’ stars around new York City top top behalf, lock say, of Scientology.

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Retired NYPD detective Yanti “Mike” Greene had spent three days weaving with Manhattan website traffic in pursuit of 2 Cadillac Escalades and also their precious cargo—actress Leah Remini and her friend Jennifer Lopez—when, ~ above the 4th night at 2:01 a.m., he received a message from another ex-cop turned personal eye, Saul Roth.

It to be December 2017 and Roth, climate 58 and also a previous Nassau ar police detective, asked Greene what the job was, and whether he’d be paid his rate of $50 an hour.

“Main inquiry lol,” Roth texted.

Greene, 46, assured the they would be gaining their “normal rate” working for worldwide Investigative group (IIG), a firm founded by renowned polygraph expert Dan Ribacoff, i m sorry employed a number of ex-police officers and also other private investigators.

When Greene texted the their target to be Remini, Roth admitted that didn’t understand who that was.

“Matrimonial?” Roth asked, assuming that the job was rolling a spouse in a divorce case, one of the most typical ways PIs space used.

Greene educated Roth the the King the Queens actress to be in fact shooting a movie in brand-new York City with her good pal Jennifer Lopez, and that the two regularly stayed together. For this reason they would basically be following both Remini and J.Lo.

“Nice,” Roth replied.

Greene defined that Remini was continuing to be at the 4 Seasons (actually the Ritz Carlton private Residences in long Island), for this reason they’d be parked exterior it much of the time. And, in enhancement to the movie shoot in SoHo, Remini was additionally filming scenes for the CBS series Kevin have the right to Wait at a studio in Bethpage, lengthy Island, so her activities would be complex.

“I’ve to be on it because that 4 work now. We got her critical night however then lost her,” Greene texted.


“Why room we following her?” Roth asked.

Greene was at first circumspect: “Basically the client just wants to recognize her movements and also locations. I don’t have any more details as to why and also who.”

“Could be matrimonial,” the added, throw Roth turn off the scent.

But climate Roth suggested that he’d Googled Remini, and Greene knew what he’d find.

“Or Scientologists,” Greene added.

“She quit,” Roth texted.


In fact, Leah Remini’s defection native Scientology had already been a major media story for several years. News the she’d ditched Scientology first became public in 2013 and exploded in 2015 through the release of her bestselling memoir Troublemaker: enduring Hollywood and Scientology. Climate in 2016, she started exposing the organization in the A&E collection Scientology and also the Aftermath, which winner its an initial of two Emmys in 2017. Once Roth join Greene to tail Remini, her collection had just wrapped its 2nd season.

Remini to be doing significant damage to Scientology, and in December 2017, over there was little doubt the she was going to obtain a third season that the fight show.

Knowing the Roth establish what was yes, really going on, Greene sent out this shocking reply:

“Yeah—word is they want to death her. Or at least recognize what she’s doing once in NYC.” (Greene’s texts offered no assistance for this wild claim.)


Remini was well aware that she was being adhered to by personal investigators in unmarked cars around brand-new York that December.

She called me as lot at the time, and by march 2018 the two of united state had figured out that Greene was the one complying with her in a silver- van v Texas plates, and also according to Remini had virtually caused Remini’s driver to have actually a collision.

When I obtained him ~ above the phone, Greene declared he didn’t know who Leah Remini was.

A former NYPD detective doesn’t know around King that Queens? i asked him.

“I never ever watched the show since I to be working,” that said. “I’m a man who’s constantly working.”

He also denied the he was functioning for the Church of Scientology.


But now, three years later, the messages that Mike Greene sent out his fellow private investigators over the period that he was surveilling Remini in December 2017 have become part of the court document in a disturbing $50 million lawsuit originally filed two years back by David M. Blacksmith in Nassau can be fried Court. In the suit, smith accuses Greene the raping his wife Susanne Gold-Smith while complying with her in may 2018, just months after ~ he’d to be tracking Remini for a various client.

Dan Ribacoff, the IIG owner, has actually denied the allegations in the lawsuit and called united state to attend to Greene’s texts.

“If you think the Church the Scientology is mine client, she 100 percent wrong,” he said. But when asked who his client was, he said he can not say.

Remini called me she was stunned when she got a copy of the texts and saw the degree of the operation versus her.

“They had human being from the movie set sending them call sheets. They gained someone within the collection at Kevin deserve to Wait. They knew things only people who room on the present knew!” she says.


Nassau ar Clerk
She request what her legal recourse might be. As for former NYPD cops adhering to her, she states it does surprise her. “I guess ns was naive to think that east Coast world would it is in different. I never thought new York police officers, even retired, would certainly be for hire through Scientology. I guess mine naivete is showing.”

But she still no impressed by your skills. In 2018, she spotted them and also even aided me determine Mike Greene.

“IIG should rename the agency dumb, dumber, and dumbest. These space the worst PIs in the world. These males were in reality trying not to be seen, and I witnessed them,” she says.

I put in a message with Greene again, telling him that us now have actually his texts. And also I did the exact same with the three principals in ~ IIG: Dan Ribacoff, his daughter Lisa, and his kid Lance, who did the most texting v the private eyes while lock were adhering to Remini.

Greene, the Ribacoffs, and other personal investigators named in the lawsuit have been fighting the legal action for several years now, denying its allegations.

But in addition to the texts, there was another new filing in the instance last week the stunned Remini.

David M. Smith is usually described in push reports together an “ice cream heir.” His father was Richard E. Smith, himself a second-generation ice cream cream man known for reviving brand on life-support and also for inventing the super-premium ice cream sector with his 1980 brand Frusen Glädjé, a brief sensation that had actually no yes, really ties to Scandinavia.

Richard’s son David ongoing the household tradition as CEO of Coolbrands, which developed the Chipwich and also Eskimo Pies (now Edy’s Pies). These days, however, he’s mostly garnering headlines because that his an individual life.

In 2018, David Smith and also his mam Susanne Gold-Smith to be divorcing, and they to be each individually suing the other, leading to repeated and very ugly mentions in the New York Post, i beg your pardon salivated over the vicious fight involving a affluent Chipwich scion.

“Ice cream heir is a monster who required me to have actually sex to view our son: wife,” review one Post headline, while another exclaimed, “Former Chipwich exec sues ex for $25M over sex-for-visitation claim.”

In those stories, David accused Susanne of do the efforts to get out of she prenup through claiming that she was disabled and also couldn’t work. So he claimed he hired Dan Ribacoff’s IIG come follow she 24 hrs a job in stimulate to try and disprove her claim.

Knowing they had the heir to a $100 million ice cream cream luck on the hook, Smith insurance claims that Ribacoff’s firm persuaded him that it required a small army to save an eye ~ above his wife. Blacksmith alleges in court files that he to be paying IIG $350,000 a month to store tabs top top Susanne in 2018.

And we know all this today due to the fact that eventually David and Susanne reconciled, and also then refocused your ire on IIG.

David sued IIG, alleging in his complaint that he’d to be double- and also triple-billed through the agency because the knew it was fleecing a well-off man.

“During the investigation, Plaintiff to be charged and paid because that the following, the perform of which is no exhaustive:

Rental vehicles because that each investigator;Hotel rooms provided by the investigators as soon as Gold-Smith left because that weekends and/or vacations; Meals, alcohol, and incidentals the investigators consumed while on the job;Tickets because that the investigators to follow Gold-Smith top top cruise ships;Concert tickets because that the investigators to monitor Gold-Smith right into venues; Airline ticket the investigators offered to monitor Gold-Smith as soon as she traveled;Payment because that multiple and also unnecessary investigators to follow and also surveil Gold-Smith when they had progressed knowledge the Gold-Smith’s whereabouts and destinations.”

In total, Smith says in court papers, IIG charged him $8.8 million for your investigation right into his wife.

Smith got accessibility to Mike Greene's texts with a court order together he looked for evidence that IIG had actually overbilled him. But additionally in those texts were points Smith wasn’t browsing for—including the security of Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez.

Gold-Smith, meanwhile, cases in court records that IIG’s investigators not only improperly contacted she while surveilling her, but that five of the investigators ended up having actually intimate call with her, and two of them raped her. The two private investigators refuse it, and also no criminal charges have been filed versus either of them.

“This was among the most traumatic experiences i have ever endured. The was already a challenging time in mine life, and IIG and also their investigators exploited the power dynamic they had actually over me throughout the investigation. I was powerless, and after i was raped and also sexually assaulted by this investigators, I stayed in a consistent state of fear. They made that clear the there would certainly be effects if I ever exposed what they were doing. I’ll have to live v that threat and also the emotionally toll this has taken ~ above me for the remainder of mine life,” Gold-Smith stated in December, echoing her cases in the lawsuit.

On Tuesday, Greene got back to me after my current message.

“I got nothing come hide,” the said, alleging the he hadn’t actually viewed the messages that were added to the court record recently.

He said that the lawsuit by the Smiths was “beyond frivolous,” and also that the lies called by their attorneys renders him distrustful that anything castle put right into the court record.

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“On my end, i don’t also trust those in those texts,” he said.

I asked the to collection aside the Smiths and their lawsuit and also answer a an easy question: to be he complying with Leah Remini in 2017?