The Church of the holy Sepulchre is one of the most holy and special web page in Christianity. Located in the Christian quarter of the Old CityofJerusalem, the church is residence to two of the holiest website in Christianity – the website where Jesuswascrucified, well-known as Calvary, and the tomb whereby Jesus was buried and also then resurrected. Today, the tomb is attached by a shrine called the Aedicula. The final four station of the Cross, or Via Dolorosa, are additionally located inside the church.

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Calvary (golgotha)

Inside the church entrance, a stairway leads as much as Calvary (Golgotha), the website of Jesus’ crucifixion and the many extravagantly decorated component of the church. The exit from this site is down one more stairway that leads to the ambulatory.

Calvary is two chapels, one is Greek Orthodox and the other is Catholic. The Greek Orthodox chapel’s altar is over the absent of Calvary, additionally the 12th station of the Cross. You deserve to touch the rock with a distinct hole in the floor beneath the altar. Be ready to wait in a line as this is among the main reasons human being visit the church.You can additionally see the rock with protective glass top top both political parties of the altar. In in between the Catholic and also Greek altars, a frosting of mary marks the 13th terminal of the Cross.

Stone that Anointing

Inside the church’s enntrance gate is the stone of Anointing, believed to be whereby Jesus’s body was all set for burial. The modern mosaic along the wall surface depicts the anointing of Jesus’s body. Lamps with candles and incense hang along an ornate stand over the stone.


The Aedicule is a small chapel real estate the holy Sepulchre. It has two rooms – one hold the Angel’s Stone, thought to be a fragment that the rock that sealed Jesus’s tomb, the various other is the dig of Jesus. ~ the 14th century, a marble plaque over the tomb currently protects the from further damages caused by apricot of pilgrims.

The roman Catholic, eastern Orthodox, and Armenian Apostolic all have rightful access to the inner of the tomb, and also all 3 hold holy Mass there daily. Between May 2016 and March 2017, the Aedicule underwent painstaking restoration and also repair ~ the framework to do the framework safe for travellers again.

Admission to the church is complimentary and travellers of all religious beliefs are welcome. We extremely recommend usual dress.

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Contact Hours

Summer (April to September): Open daily from 05:00 to 21:00. Sundays the church closes at 20:00

Winter (October come March): Open day-to-day from 04:00 come 19:00

Prices Prices may change. Please check the official website for up to day information.


church of the divine sepulchre, jerusalem