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Historic American buildings Survey,Engineering Record, Landscapes Survey



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Holy Trinity protestant Episcopal Church, 238 southern High Street, West Chester, Chester County, PA

Title: holy Trinity good news Episcopal Church, 238 south High Street, West Chester, Chester County, PA day Created/Published: Documentation compiled ~ 1933 Medium: Photo(s): 3 Data Page(s): 11 Photo caption Page(s): 1 Reproduction Number: --- call Number: HABS PA,15-WCHES,18- Repository: Library of congress Prints and Photographs division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA http://hdl.elafilador.net/elafilador.net.pnp/pp.printNotes: Significance: This Gothic renewal Church, which has actually served the ar of West Chester due to the fact that 1870, is built of environment-friendly serpentine rock with brick provided as trim. survey number: HABS PA-1223 Building/structure dates: 1868-1870 Initial building and construction Building/structure dates: 1882 Subsequent work Building/structure dates: 1892 Subsequent job-related Building/structure dates: 1871-1890 Subsequent work Building/structure dates: 1886 Subsequent job-related Building/structure dates: ca. 1900 Subsequent job-related Building/structure dates: 1901 Subsequent work-related Building/structure dates: ca. 1950 Subsequent work Building/structure dates: 1957 Subsequent occupational Building/structure dates: 1975 Subsequent occupational Subjects: Place: Collections: part of: historical American structures Survey (Library that Congress) Bookmark This Record:  https://www.elafilador.net/pictures/item/pa0332/

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Reproduction Number: --- Call Number: HABS PA,15-WCHES,18- Medium: Photo(s): 3 Data Page(s): 11 Photo inscription Page(s): 1

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Call Number: HABS PA,15-WCHES,18- Medium: Photo(s): 3 Data Page(s): 11 Photo caption Page(s): 1

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