Many believer celebrate Halloween. Some churches and pastors even do. I newly saw a church advertising they were having actually a Zombie Run. Seriously? God’s House? This minister does not celebrate Halloween and neither does she church.

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In a soul of complete disclosure, as soon as I was a brand brand-new believer, I allowed my child to go trick-or-treating. Part of the reason was since my husband was no yet saved and insisted us do. The other component was due to the fact that I didn’t see the injury in it. After all, plenty of Christians ns respected did it, so as a brand-new Christian ns justified that it must be ok. Right? Wrong!

As I flourished closer to the Lord and gained more knowledge that His word I started to feel convicted around Halloween. I had actually thoughts like…

“God is a God of life, yet Halloween focuses on death. Need to I memory a holiday where world decorate your front yards v tombstones?” 

“The scriptures tell us to placed away deeds of darkness (Rom.13:12) and that light has nothing in usual with darkness (2 Cor. 6:14). Is celebrating a dark vacation something a kid of the light have to be doing?” 

“I had been ceded from fear and also panic attacks and also knew that fear comes from the enemy. Need to I participate in a holiday that has fear as its really foundation?”  

“Witchcraft is plainly detestable come the mr (Deut 18:10-13). Shouldn’t something the glorifies witchcraft (just take a walk through the Halloween store) it is in detestable to me together well?” 

“Halloween is a sacred, high vacation for Wiccans (the main religion the witchcraft). Is this a holiday Christians must celebrate together Wiccans?” 

“Is that cute once we dress our kids like the adversary (or witches, ghouls, scary characters, etc.)? Isn’t it…well…demonic?” 

“What if my kid dresses in a healthy fireman costume? Romans 16:19 says that we should be wise to what is an excellent and chaste of evil. If i let him take part in Halloween, also while dressed as a fireman, no I sending him a combined message by allowing him to take part in a celebration event of evil?”

“The Lord stated in 2 Cor. 6:17, ‘Come the end from them and be separate…Touch no unclean thing…’ Doesn’t God desire His kids to be set apart indigenous the world and from sin and evil? no we an alleged to be strange people?”

“My expanded family think it’s ridiculous that we not enable our son to dress up because that Halloween. Need to their opinions issue to me much more than God’s? Shouldn’t satisfaction God it is in my utmost concern?”  

“If over there is also a inquiry in my heart and mind that it might be wrong, shouldn’t the be my very first clue? Why would I continue to execute so with also a lingering thought that the is wrong?” 

“Does Halloween bring glory to God? No! the glorifies the devil! Nuff said.” 

So together a new believer, saved just two years, i responded to the conviction of the holy Spirit, repented the displeasing the Lord and put a stop to Halloween. And also as a pastor, after observing firsthand the quantity of destruction that the foe brings right into peoples’ lives when they offer him a foothold, i am even an ext convinced ns made the appropriate decision to close the door to the enemy and on this evil holiday.

Setting aside a day come celebrate evil, darkness, witchcraft, fear, death and also the demonic brings disdain to God. Period. A Christian celebrate Halloween would be like a Satan worshiper placing up a nativity step at Christmas when singing, “Happy Birthday, Jesus!” The two simply don’t go together. Jesus has nothing in typical with Satan (2 Cor. 6:14), and neither have to we.

So, what walk we carry out instead? Hide in the basement v the lamp off? Hustle the family out that the house? No, darkened houses are the enemy’s victory! whereby does her light bright the brightest…in the darkness!

Halloween is the one day a year once neighbors come to your door expecting to receive something. So provide them JESUS! ours family determined to give God the glory and also the evil one a black color eye by reaching out to our next-door neighbors with the gospel the Jesus Christ! “You space the irradiate of the world…let your light shine amongst men that they may see your an excellent deeds and also glorify her Father in heaven.

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” (Matt. 5:14-16)

So protect against justifying why that is fine to celebrate this demonic, worldly, evil holiday. There room no muddled currently or gray areas around it. A committed follower of Jesus Christ must not celebrate Halloween.



An old church i went to sent out the Young adult come SCREAMAGEDDON in TAMPA. Ns don’t know why human being can’t say no come something so just EVIL. This tests room the tests the God will certainly look at and also be profoundly upset since of thier simplicity come say no. This is straightforward to say NO to… so do It! ns Agree, there is no irradiate in the dark and no darkness in the light. They don’t mix for a reason, for this reason don’t try! God alerts us around these species of activities, don’t get involved in them!