Little residence on the Prairie has a seriously memorable cast, and couple of could forget Michael Landon. Landon played Charles Ingalls on the show, and he additionally helped produce, write, and direct the show. While most of Landon’s co-stars adored him, the did reason a stir as soon as it pertained to his partnership with his wife, Cindy Landon (Clerico at the time).

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Sadly, Michael passed away in 1991 indigenous cancer. So, go Cindy marry again after Michael’s death?

Michael Landon from ‘Little house on the Prairie’ died from cancer in 1991

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Landon to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in his 50s, yet he to be in good spirits every the method up until his death. The gibbs remained confident that he can beat the an illness despite the high mortality rate. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1991 and also was endured by Cindy and his nine kids.

“I desire to check out my kids grow up,” Landon provided when he to be diagnosed, follow to AP News. “I desire to play baseball with Sean (his 4- year-old son). I desire to understand if Jennifer (his 7-year-old daughter) turns out to be as great an actress together I think she will certainly be. I want to clock Chris, my 16-year-old, come to be a man. Ns love my wife, Cindy, an extremely much and I don’t want to leaving her.″

Landon additionally took a more holistic approach to overcome cancer. He provided he maintained really healthy diet and took cradle enzymes v each meal. He also gave self coffee enemas. “Yup, I acquire filled come the rim,” the said. “Organic coffee, I might add.”

Did Michael’s wife, Cindy Landon, remarry?



Michael Landon, mam Cindy Landon and also his youngsters Christopher Landon and also Shawna Landon | Ron Galella/Ron Galella arsenal via Getty Images

While Michael and Cindy absolutely loved each other, their romance was shrouded in controversy when it an initial came to light. Cindy was a young makeup artist top top Little residence on the Prairie, and Michael to be married come Lynn Noe as soon as they first met. Ultimately, Michael and Noe acquired a divorce, and he sought a relationship with Cindy.

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“The connection lasted 19 years,” Landon stated of his marriage to Noe. “I don’t consider that a fail marriage. I don’t think it to be a disaster. We created some fantastic kids. We just didn’t thrive in the very same direction. We ended up being different people. We both changed.”

While the divorce in the general public eye to be tough, the was at some point for the best. Cindy and also Michael had a wonderful love story that numerous will look ago on fondly.