About the Circuit

Circuit the The Americas™ is a new world-class motorsports and also entertainment to meet in Texas, slated to host dozens of high-profile motorsports, entertainment and business events each year. The Circuit is situated nine mile from Austin-Bergstrom global Airport and less 보다 15 miles from downtown Austin.

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Hosted events are projected to generate an yearly economic impact of $400 million to $500 million, equating to $4 billion to $5 billion end 10 years for Texas. The meet draws numerous thousands of fans from almost everywhere the world.

Hosted Events accessible through Circuit of The americas Experiences

This world-class basic will hold the most prestigious racing events in the world, including the FORMULA 1 UNITED claims GRAND PRIX™, MotoGP™, WeatherTech SportsCar Championship & FIA people Endurance Championship.

The Track

The Circuit is the only FIA-certified great 1 track in the united States, and also one of only 26 great 1-certified motorsports infrastructure in the world.

The Circuit of The Americas™ track is a 3.4-mile circuit track v capacity for 120,000 fans and an elevation readjust of 133 feet. The is ideally located on a 1000-acre website in south-east Austin.

The 20-turn, counterclockwise track, construction of which started in January 2011, draws impetus from the finest circuits about the world, as well as taking benefit of the site"s herbal topography to encompass dramatic elevation transforms of up to 40 metres.

There is a steep, uphill run into the hairpin revolve 1, i m sorry has come to be the venue"s signature corner. Turns 3 through 6 look not dissimilar to Silverstone"s high-speed Maggotts/Becketts; turns 12 through 15 offer a nod to Hockenheim"s stadium section; and also Turns 16 through 18 will certainly mirror the famous, multi-apex rotate 8 at Istanbul Park.

Track Map


F1™ track Speeds


Far much more Than a race Track

F1™ USGP track MAP

Circuit that The Americas™ is a world-class performance, education and also business facility that features:

Racing-focused amenities consisting of a exclusive Motorsports driving Club and a Karting TrackPublic spaces for private events, seminars and conventionsVisitor attractions that incorporate an expansive live entertain space, sleeve center and museumA center with study facilities and robust services and also amenities to power a broad range of business, modern technology and education allies40,000 sq. Ft. Cutting edge Conference/Media Center5,500 sq. Ft. Medical center, offering paramedic services and also EMS & clinical student trainingArea for legislation enforcement auto trainingFire and also rescue cultivate areasDriving academiesEducational programsF1™ USGP monitor MAP

Fun Facts

Fact: construction of the 375-acre Circuit of The Americas™ task cost around $400 million in personal investment and created approximately 1,700 construction jobs. Sixteen Texas-based suppliers were contract to work-related on the task with participation by minority- and women-owned businesses totaling an approximated $50 million.Fact: around 300 full time equivalent work were developed by Circuit of The Americas™. On significant event days, much more than 3,000 seasonal/event-specific employees will be hired. In total, Circuit of The Americas™ is intended to create much more than 6,000 jobs.Fact: Circuit the The Americas™ is paying $13 Million to download water and also waste water currently in the “desired breakthrough zone” ~ above an sped up schedule. The City the Austin has proclaimed its desire to own the lines -- so similar to every commercial or residential advance -- will reimburse Circuit that The Americas™ adhering to the installation.Fact: about 800,000 to 1.2 million world attend occasions at Circuit of The Americas™ yearly now the the meet is fully operational through an median out-of-state visitor spending $1500 per day (average stay of 4.6 days).

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Fact: A Formula 1™ season is regarded by an approximated 520 million world in 187 countries. Each gyeongju is transfer to much more than 30 million viewers. The three hours of coverage is tantamount to much more than $200 million in advertising advertising.