Las las vegas attracts thrill-seekers, families, couples, and also all sorts of travelers. One thing is because that sure– there is other in ras Vegas because that everyone. The Adventuredome is among those locations that is funny for all ages. The is an at home amusement park v a prime ar at Circus Circus that spans five acres, v 25 rides and attractions. Here’s all you need to know before you go!

The rides and attractions room the stars in ~ The Adventuredome. Happy for you, they have thought the everything and have attractions and rides an ideal for all ages. Store in mind the these rides go by height for riding, so some aren’t an ideal for younger children.

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Adventuredome Coaster Rides

Yes, also at one indoor design template park, there room roller coaster rides. Riders must be at the very least 48 inches high ride the roller coasters at the Adventuredome layout park in ras Vegas, NV.

Canyon Blaster

Chaos resides up to its name by acquisition riders that 48 inch tall and up top top a thrill ride that is an unpredictable experience. It has actually three ranges of activity as that whirls you roughly at high rates of speed, i beg your pardon is complete Chaos.

Lazer Blast

Lazer Blast is a brand-new take top top laser tag. Zap various other riders 42 inches and up through laser fire together you might be able to run, but you can’t hide.

Adventuredome large Rides

The Adventuredome big rides space for those that are a little taller, yet they are likewise extra fun.

Canyon Cars

Canyon Cars space bumper cars that teach you just how not to drive. Riders over 42 inches deserve to ride along for the fun, while those 54 inches tall can take the wheel. Careful, friend never recognize who comes roughly the corner!

Sand Pirates

Riders at least 48 customs tall have the right to ride alone, however those above 33 customs will have actually to bring the family members to board the out-of-control pirate ship. Cave on because that dear life and go ~ above this swinging pirate ship.

Adventuredome household Rides


Thunderbirds take it you on a flight to play pilot above the Adventuredome crowd. Sitting in a aircraft reminiscent the the 1920s, riders in between 36 and also 58 customs tall will feel the freedom of the skies.

Las las vegas Adventuredome Attractions & points to Do

The FX Theater has actually 4D attributes that will certainly take you on a special effects extravaganza. The two attributes they offer right now are the Ice age 4-D: No Time for Nuts, in i beg your pardon you sign up with Scrat, the crazed saber-toothed squirrel, on an adventure through a time machine.

Then yes Spongebob Squarepants 4-D: The great Jelly Rescue, whereby you challenge off through Plankton and also run through Bikini Bottom come rescue the Jellyfish. Remember the riders have to be 33 inches tall to participate with one adult,t or 48 inches high to go on the adventure alone.

Extreme drive Theater

The too much Ride theatre at The Adventuredome right now has angry Birds The Ride, i beg your pardon takes on the piggies with all of your favorite characters and classic TNT explosions.

Bank Heist Laser Challenge

There space two financial institution Heist Laser Challenges– crack The Code and also Escape The Vault. Each of these will take you on one adventure with a collection of lasers that you’ll need to navigate conveniently without breaking the beams.

Xtreme Zone

The Xtreme Zone has actually some extreme indoor tasks like rock climbing and bungee jumping. Walk ahead, test her skills!

Pirates Bounty

Pirates Bounty enables you come hit 18 holes of miniature golf no matter the weather.


The arcade is filled with video clip and arcade game thrills with modern games for all ages.

Midway Games

There is nothing that beats a classic midway game. The midway games encompass prize-winning games like mini basketball, balloon bust, darts, and also more!


Classic Arcade

The standard Arcade is an area whereby you can play your favorite standard arcade games limitlessly every day because that one price.

Clown Shows

Circus Circus i will not ~ live up to its name without cost-free clown shows. The revelers have multiple mirrors every job on the key stage, with added evening reflects on Friday and also Saturdays.

VR Room

The VR Room is a new virtual fact experience with ten different games that permits you come immerse yourself. Over there is a video game for everyone.

Adventuredome Neon Nights

The Adventuredome is a good place to organize your special occasions with the Canyon Blaster, El Loco Roller Coaster, arcade games, and also everything rather you suppose from layout parks. Like most theme parks, Adventuredome has actually packages for groups and events.

One of the most well-known packages is your Birthday Party which has the complete party decor, food, drink, dessert, and also all-day Adventuredome wristbands for one price. They even have invitations and also thank friend cards because that download. The Adventuredome have the right to host any event from 15-5,000 people and also take care of every little thing from theme and decor come catering and entertainment.

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Here are few of the school events they can host:

Physics DayScience the JugglingPerforming arts ShowcasesFun Day

Don’t be fooled. The Adventuredome is fantastic for firm events like:

Company picnicsEmployee Bonding EventsTeam BuildingCorporate to chat Events

Adventuredome Prices

With so countless fun points to do and being situated in ras Vegas, you would think the The Adventuredome would cost an arm and a leg, but that’s no the case. They have two different passes. The one because that riders 48 inches and taller is their continuous day pass, and also one because that those under 48 inches, i m sorry is your junior day happen for kids. The constant pass is $40, while the junior pass is $20.

Anyone end 33 inch must have actually a journey ticket to gain the attractions. You can also take advantage of part discounts, such together the army discount and youth team rates for groups of 15 or more. Suffer a las Vegas layout park there is no emptying her wallet, and have funny all day!