An proficient Cirque du Soleil acrobat performing an elaborate aerial regimen for the an initial time onstage plummeted to his fatality in front of a live audience in Tampa ~ above Saturday.

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The company identified the cast member as Yann Arnaud, a Frenchman who had operated with Cirque du Soleil because that 15 years. He passed away at a Florida hospital — just a few hours ~ posting on Instagram about finally attempting the new, highflying routine.

“After so much work and training and staging, ours straps duo action is ultimately in the present tonight,” Arnaud had written Saturday on Instagram, through a picture showing him shirtless, his ideal wrist covering in a rely strap. “It’s time to go for it,” Arnaud, 38, said.

His horrifying mid-performance fall brought an abrupt end to the show, “Volta,” which to be staged under a big-top tent in Tampa. Audience members to be at first told that the present would be briefly interrupted, then they learned the it was canceled.

The remainder of the weekend’s mirrors in Tampa were also canceled after the 2nd onstage fatality in Cirque du Soleil’s history.

“The entire Cirque du Soleil family members is in shock and also devastated by this tragedy,” Daniel Lamarre, president and also chief executive of Cirque du Soleil entertain Group, stated in a statement. “Yann had actually been with us because that over 15 years and also was loved by every who had the possibility to recognize him. End the comes days and weeks, our focus will be on sustaining Yann’s family and also our employees, particularly the VOLTA team, as we go v these challenging times together.”

The statement claimed the company is gathering more information around Arnaud’s fall and also cooperating with investigating authorities.

A video clip of the performance reviewed through The Washington article showed the aerialists on a one stage, flanked by drummers.

During the performance, Arnaud and another actors member — identified on Arnaud’s Instagram feed together Pawel Walczewski — perform a duet of sorts.

Each man clutched a red strap and performed flips and spins, suspended just by a hand gripping the straps of intertwined ropes.

As the straps to be pulled higher, the men linked their free arms and performed interwoven acrobatics as they be crazy high above the stage.

They separated, flying turn off in various directions end the crowd, and also Arnaud briefly went out of the camera’s frame. When he was visible again, the video showed him losing his grip and also dropping to the stage.

Several Cirque du Soleil employees jumped onto the stage and also rushed end to the downed acrobat together the various other performer dangled from his rope, uninjured. An announcer called the crowd the “the show has been temporarily interrupted.”

Ben Ritter, a Tampa man who attend the show, said the Tampa Bay times that as soon as Arnaud fight the stage, he to be “out cold and also not moving.”

As word spread of Arnaud’s death, condolences poured in from roughly the people for a man who had specialized his life to his art and his household — and also documented both on social media.

His Instagram feed, which was made exclusive on Monday, verified him dangling and also spinning high over stages and training mats all over the civilization — together with images that his youngest daughter sit on his shoulder or gift thrown into the air on the beach.

Cirque du Soleil, French for “Circus the the Sun,” is the largest theatrical producer in the world, according to Vanity Fair. It is recognized for “cutting-edge shows featuring aerialists, acrobats and also contortionists” and has performed for 160 million spectators in 48 countries, the Chicago Tribune reported.

It was started by several people, including Guy Laliberte, a busker-turned-billionaire who marketed the company to a U.S. Private equity firm in 2015.

In 2016, technician Olivier Rochette, the boy of among the co-founder of the circus, died when he was struck by a telescoping lift if he and also other employees were setting up because that a San Francisco power of “Luzia,” according to the BBC.

Acrobat sarah Guyard-Guillot fell face first, practically 100 feet to the floor, as soon as her security wire detached throughout her quick ascent.

According to the wall Street Journal, the tragedy led the agency to reevaluate its security practices.

“It forced us to testimonial the way we work,” stated Nicolas Panet-Raymond, Cirque’s safety and security director at the time.

After an occupational Safety and also Health administration investigation into her death, Calum Pearson, vice president of Cirque du Soleil’s Resident mirrors Worldwide, told Vanity Fair the Guyard-Guillot’s fatality was a “million-to-one” freak accident that was greatly a product of human error.

After an investigation, OSHA issued Cirque three citations and also a $21,000 fine, which were later lessened to one citation and also $7,000 after the company protested, follow to the Journal. The newspaper report that Cirque paid Guyard-Guillot’s children $1 million in stable a legal complaint.

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