Future of staying Cirque reflects in ras Vegas evidenced with Contract Extensions

Las las vegas (Nov. 16, 2020)Cirque du Soleil notified the cast and crew that Zumanity around its permanent closure today.

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Zumanity to be a groundbreaking departure for Cirque du Soleil when it opened in September that 2003,” stated Daniel Lamarre, President and also CEO the Cirque du Soleil to chat Group. “We room forever grateful to the extraordinarily talented cast, crew and also staff who helped make Zumanity an unforgettable endure for more than 7.25 million guests.”

After wowing audiences with much more than 7,700 shows, the last power of Zumanity took ar on in march 14, 2020 prior to it to be shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Guests holding tickets for any type of future performances will certainly be refunded in ~ the original allude of purchase. For an ext information, guests may call lasvegas.customerservice

George Kliavkoff, president of entertainment & sporting activities for MGM will International, said, “Zumanity at brand-new York-New York had actually a an excellent run end the critical 17 years and our partnership v Cirque du Soleil remains solid moving forward. We’re grateful to the cast, crew and also team at Cirque because that having produced something really special. We look front to share plans for brand-new entertainment programming in ~ the brand-new York-New York theater in the month ahead.”

Cirque du Soleil and MGM resorts International have solidified your commitment to the partnership and also the four shows remaining in the Cirque du Soleil portfolio. Contract expansions for “O” in ~ Bellagio, The Beatles LOVE in ~ The Mirage, KÀ in ~ MGM Grand and also Michael Jackson ONE at Mandalay Bay have been signed. Additionally, sweetheart Island and also Cirque du Soleil have recommitted come Mystère with a contract extension. Through these extensions, Cirque du Soleil reflects are guarantee to entertain audiences well right into the future.

The time of the shows’ reopening will certainly be dictated first by the safety and security of guests and also employees in compliance with the guidelines collection forth by the Governor and also other federal government agencies; and also second, through the capability to run the reflects profitably.

More 보다 70 million visitors have actually experienced Cirque du Soleil shows in ras Vegas because Mystère opened up in 1993 and Cirque du Soleil looks forward to continuing that tradition when the shows return safely to their theaters.

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