President Donald trump is blaming democratic mayors because that unrest across American urban in his bid to do law and also order a main part that his re-election campaign.

The Ten most Dangerous urban in the U.S. Room ALL run by Democrats, and also this has actually gone on for DECADES!

— Donald J. Trump (

We inquiry The White residence press office what the president's data source was for his claim, and they directed united state to a Washington short article fact-check article on crime in cities.

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That article uses commonwealth Bureau of investigation (FBI) crime data native the an initial half the 2019 - the many recent main data resource on united state cities with populaces over 100,000.


The top 10 urban for in its entirety violent crime, which includes major urban areas brand-new York, Los Angeles and also Chicago, space all operation by Democrats.

The Republican-run city with the highest number of cases the violent crime is Jacksonville in Florida, which is 17th ~ above the FBI list.

However, if us look at violent crime instances per 10,000 people, grandfather Trump's insurance claim isn't quite correct.


Springfield in Missouri is operation by an live independence mayor. The rest, though, have autonomous administrations.

As the September 2020, the peak 100 largest US cities room run by 64 Democrats, 28 Republicans, 3 independents and also four non-partisans.

But the FBI has warned versus using its statistics in a means which ranks cities and oversimplifies what reasons crime.

"These rough rankings carry out no understanding into the numerous variables that mould crime in a particular town, city, county, state, tribal area, or region," it claims on that is website.

"Consequently, they lead to simplistic and/or incomplete analyses that often produce misleading consciousness adversely influence communities and their residents."


Mr trump card has likewise said the Democratic-run cities space "rampant v crime", yet some of the fastest increases in murder prices are in Republican-run cities.

Data from neighborhood police department does show stark boosts in Democratic-run Chicago and new York. But that's additionally a trend checked out in part Republican-run urban areas.

Lexington in Kentucky, a city of end 300,000 people, has actually seen 84.6% boost in murders when contrasted with the same duration in 2019, for example.

Here is the YTD % adjust in murder for cities v a Republican market (and available data). Murder is increase 26% in these urban YTD i beg your pardon is the same to the readjust in all large cities. Alters in murder fads don't care about the city executive's party affiliation.

— Jeff Asher (

"Murder is up around 25% country including almost identical adjust in Democratic and also Republican-run cities," claims US crime analyst Jeff Asher.

"I think the an ext salient allude is that cities throughout the country, nevertheless of the mayor's party, room seeing one alarming increase in murder nationally this year," he adds.

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Individual years have the right to fluctuate yet violent crime across the US has been on a downward trend due to the fact that the 1990s.