If she thinking around relocating in 2021, girlfriend may uncover it encouraging to understand that your other homeowners kept relocating at a secure pace throughout 2020 — a tendency that doesn’t seem to be slowing down as we head right into spring. Friend might also be curious to recognize which urban they’re flocking to, and how and also when they’re act it.

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While us don’t have a crystal ball, we deserve to shine part light top top relocation trends based upon elafilador.net customer moves in 2020 and so far this year. This is a look in ~ the crucial takeaways, consisting of the 20 top destination cities (hint: Boise, Idaho is having a moment), and also how people are adapting to the uncertainty and also social distancing the come v moving throughout a pandemic.


Consumers seek an ext flexibility and contactless relocating for tranquility of mind.

More customers space opting for relocating containers as a safe, budget-friendly, and flexible solution during an overwhelming times, as elafilador.net saw a significant increase in client making long-distance move in 2020 contrasted to 2019.

“After the initial COVID-19 lockdown slowed moving task in March and April, customers really picked increase the pace. There to be so many much more people relocating throughout the year the it no only comprised for the short slowdown, 2020 actually exceeded our original expectations, which were set long before the pandemic reshaped our world,” claimed Riley Kahle, ford Director the Long-Distance Moving.

Amid the pandemic, relocations have surged as the an outcome of historic factors in the real estate market. Existing house sales in 2020 reached their highest point since the real estate bubble in 2006, while mortgage rates fell to their lowest level ever, follow to data from the nationwide Association of Realtors and Freddie Mac.


The busy relocating season may be beginning early this year.

Like so plenty of things, time is an additional factor that’s changed, together fewer people seem to be waiting until the usual liven summer season to do their move. When moving activity was still an extremely high during the summer month in 2020, ford customers didn’t slow-moving down your moving very much through the fall and also end that the year, with more people moving during what is frequently the low season because that moving, because of the pandemic. Even in early on 2021, elafilador.net customer inquiries and container reservations were significantly ahead because that February compared to the same month in 2020.

“We’re seeing significant increases in customer moving volume, even though winter is usually a sluggish time because that the moving sector overall,” said Kahle.

This readjust in seasonal demand says that people thinking about a move in 2021 should setup ahead, research relocating options, and also make their reservations as early on as they can. That can be easier and also less risky through a company that offers portable containers for moving rather 보다 a traditional mover. Consumer should additionally look for a company that enables for flexible scheduling and also rescheduling, another feature the is not typical with conventional moving companies. Through elafilador.net, customers deserve to reschedule their dates without needing to worry around extra fees and receive a complete refund on any type of deposits if organization is cancelled simply 24 hours before the an initial container delivery. Full-service movers tend to stick come a an ext rigid schedule, making the harder to adjust when moving plans change.

Boise, ID

Cities with much more affordability, far better weather, and also less congestion proceed to tempt the many growth.

In 2020, relocating patterns ongoing to follow the currently established trends that have seen much more people relocating to smaller cities that offer lower prices of living, warmer temperatures, more space, and also sometimes every three. If anything, the pandemic simply increased these trends, especially as much more people room taking benefit of the transition to working remotely come relocate to more affordable cities and also suburbs. To determine the highest development cities, we calculated the net acquire of ford customers moving to a city versus those leaving the city in 2020.

Here room the highlights:

Boise, ID leads the U.S. In growth, with 3 times an ext people relocating in than relocating out. whereby did most Boise newcomers come from? mainly California, which is no surprise considering Boise is a much much more affordable ar to live. Because that example, housing expenses are 72% much less in Boise 보다 in san Francisco. Below are the top five cities that offered the many transplants to do Boise the #1 city in growth:San Francisco and the just AreaLos AngelesSan DiegoSeattleSanta Barbara
Chattanooga, TN(Source: Kelly Lacy via Pexels)
Tennessee boasts three of the peak five development cities registering the highest net gain in residents, v Johnson City, Knoxville, and Chattanooga. More than double as many people moved into each of these three cities as moved out, and also they hailed from anywhere the country — the West Coast, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, and also other cities in the Volunteer State.Many are flocking come the Sunshine State — Florida renders the list with six of the optimal 20 development cities. In fact, the city that Sarasota appears in the peak five. Here are Florida’s top development cities:SarasotaDaytonaOcalaMelbourneJacksonvillePensacolaThe Southeast continues to attract much more growth than various other regions. an ext than half of the top 20 expansion cities space in the Southeast, v 13 location cities. This proceeds an recurring trend of civilization looking because that warmer climates and an ext affordability.

Top 20 expansion Cities

1Boise, ID
2Johnson City, TN
3Knoxville, TN
4Chattanooga, TN
5Sarasota, FL
6Asheville, NC
7Myrtle Beach, SC/Wilmington, NC
8Spokane, WA
9Portland, ME
10Daytona, FL
11Greenville/Spartanburg, SC
12Ocala, FL
13Fayetteville/Bentonville, AR
14Tyler, TX
15Huntsville, AL
16Melbourne, FL
17Jacksonville, FL
18Texarkana, TX
19Dover, DE
20Pensacola, FL

What does all this mean for you?

While it deserve to be funny to watch at moving trends, what really matters is what’s ideal for you and also your needs when to plan a relocation. If you’re among many human being leaving a big city come find more affordability and living space, get some of ours best tips for dominating a big-city move.

As discussed above, if you planning a relocate in 2021, you may want to book your move early, especially if you happen to live in a place with a most outbound relocating traffic. ~ above the various other hand, if you’re going against the major trends, to speak by moving right into Los Angeles or relocating north from Florida, girlfriend may have the ability to snag reduced rates.

And together flexibility and safety are most likely at the optimal of your mind appropriate now, you’ll likely want to take into consideration portable containers for her relocation. With so much moving activity occurring at a time when people have to be dealing with an ext uncertainty and also safety concerns, elafilador.net presents a reassuring alternative by offering greater flexibility and contactless service.

“With so lot uncertainty, many world may require to move out prior to they’re sure where your next home will be. The idea the their belongings will be preserved safely in their own storage container and delivered when they need, wherever they need, supplies a many peace that mind,” said Kahle.

Here’s how two ford customers explained the endure in their own words:

“Your company was among the just things that went as planned…even though I changed the plan several times.” — Nick N., Toronto, Ontario

elafilador.net was the easiest and safest way to relocate my belongings throughout the COVID-19 crisis. I never had to touch a elafilador.net employee or your equipment, and also I could handle all of my belongings myself. Every little thing went perfectly.” — Sam C., Washington, D.C.

Ready to gain started? To get a quote for long-distance moving and reserve your container, call elafilador.net in ~ 855-706-4758. For neighborhood moves or storage, visit elafilador.net for an online quote.

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Liz Taylor is a freelance writer who keeps up v moving and storage trends while controlling the ford Containing the Chaos blog.