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In Chicago, over there is a building code that has actually rules for the problems in buildings. If a landlord go not keep their structure up to code, the tenant have the right to report the building to the city. This post explains the process.

Report the violation by phone call or online

The very first step is to contact 311 or go virtual to report the violation. If you go online, select "building violation" as the service type. If friend call, you will speak v an agent that will connect you to the building department.

You may, if girlfriend choose, continue to be anonymous. However, the buildings department may wish to monitor up v you come schedule an inspection. It might be less complicated if you offer your name and daytime phone call number.

You’ll get a tracking number for your call. Conserve this number, together it will assist you monitor progress on your complaint. If the certified dealer doesn’t offer you a tracking number, you must ask for one.

Building inspection

The structure department will send the end a building inspector to your building. If they discover violations, lock may mention your landlord. The landlord will obtain a notice. The landlord has 15 job from that day to deal with the problem. If not, there may be a court case against them. This could be a hear in administrative court or a civil building court case.

As the caller, you end up being the complaining witness. You may it is in asked through the city to administer testimony in a hearing.

Court case

administrative hearing

The governmental hearings because that the Buildings department in Chicago take place at 400 W. Superior. A case deserve to only be carried by the city. You deserve to follow the case, and may be asked to participate in it. However you can"t start it.

The hear is expected to check the the landlord has fixed the issue. An governmental law officer is in charge of the hearing. The officer may order a re-inspection that the building before the hearing. 

The hearing is recorded. The city might ask girlfriend to and other tenants to testify. Your landlord can not evict you or raise her rent simply for complaining or testifying in the case. If your landlord does effort to do any kind of of these things, gain legal assist as quickly as possible. 

At the end of the hearing, the officer makes a decision. The owner may be fined. The officer deserve to tell the owner to solve things, too.

The building owner, if lock wish, might appeal the decision by filing a brand-new case in circuit court. This is called administrative review.

civil court

The Housing division of civil Court is located at 50 W. Washington in ~ the Daley Center. Building violation cases are heard in the strange numbered courtrooms on the 11th floor (courtrooms 1103-1111).

Unlike governmental hearings, it is not simply the city that can carry a case versus a building owner. Any type of building owner or tenant deserve to start a lawsuit in polite court if they are being affected by the building violation. A copy the the complaint should be sent to the city. 

In polite court, a referee is in fee of the hearing. The judge deserve to impose fines on the building owner and also force the structure owner to avoid a violation or settle a problem.

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After the judge provides a decision, either side may very nice one the decision to the Illinois appellate court. Learn much more about appeal a polite case.

Filing a sue is very difficult and over there are numerous rules you must follow. You should obtain legal help if you space considering filing a instance in the Housing division of civil court.