City hall reopens Monday, June 1

Residents wanting to apply for a structure permit, license or pay their energy bills might do for this reason in-person beginning Monday, June 1 beginning at 8 a.m. Permits & Licensing and also Utility Billing, located in City hall at 301 S. Ridgewood avenue in Daytona Beach, space taking walk-ins, if all various other departments will be accessible by meeting only.Please call each department straight to schedule one appointment.

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City Clerk: (386) 671-8023City Manager: (386) 671-8010Human Resources: (386) 671-8210Leisure Services: (386) 671-8250Planning: (386) 671-8120Purchasing: (386) 671-8080Redevelopment: (386) 671-8180

Customers are motivated to proceed to accessibility city solutions remotely via email, phone, online and also drop-box. See complete list below.

As of in march 24Our primary focus is to keep a for sure workplace and also encourage and embrace practices to safeguard the wellness of every employees, customers, visitors and also others. We want to ensure the continually of business operations when minimizing the danger of CODVID-19 dispersing in ours community. Several measures have actually been placed into impact to prevent the potential spread out of COVID-19 including closing City hall to walk-in traffic.

The majority of the walk-in organization is client wanting to pay their energy bill. Over there are plenty of ways to salary a utility bill there is no visiting City Hall consisting of paying through phone in ~ (386) 671-8100, dropping turn off a payment in the night depository top top the eastern side the City Hall and online in ~ City utility customers will certainly not be stop or disconnected because of non-payment that fees while the city’s emergency explanation is in effect.

There are likewise several means to use for a structure permit. Use online at for home window and door, roofing and mechanical patent if registered through Volusia ar Contractor Licensing. For all other permits, email applications come Contact_PnL Applications can be faxed come (386) 671-8149. Inhabitants or building contractors with questions should contact (386) 671-8178.

Below space details to command city service remotely via phone, drop crate or online:

City Clerk’s OfficePhone: (386) 671-8023Online: documents Request:

Community DevelopmentPhone: (386) 671-8050Online:

Development & management ServicesPhone: (386) 671-8124Online:


Human ResourcesPhone: (386) 671-8201Online: claims: (386) 671-8227

PlanningPhone: (386) 671-8120Online:

PurchasingPhone: (386) 671-8080Online: dropping turn off a solicitation, call (386) 671-8080 as shortly as it has been placed,so it have the right to be retrieved and also stamped

RedevelopmentPhone: (386) 671-8180Online:

UtilitiesFor outages and service issues, please speak to (386) 671-8815.

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Utility BillingPhone: (386) 671-8100Online: (pay or check out bills and to stop, start or transfer service)Drop off: In night depository drop crate on the east side that City HallCity utility customers will not be discontinued or disconnected due to non-payment that fees if the city’s emergency explanation is in effect. For utility billing, contact (386) 671-8100.