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Statewide Gubernatorial Recall choice - September 14, 2021

The Statewide Gubernatorial Recall choice was hosted on Tuesday, September 14, 2021. Click here for up-to-date county election results. Click right here for up-to-date statewide election results.

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Click here for an ext information ~ above the September 14, 2021 Statewide Gubernatorial recall Election, or visit 

General Municipal choice - November 8, 2022

General Municipal vote are organized in the City of Irvine on the first Tuesday complying with the first Monday in November the even-numbered years. Various other municipal vote or special elections might be referred to as from time to time by the City Council. The next general Municipal Election will be organized on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 because that the election of Mayor and two members that the City Council. This positions are elected by Irvine citizen at large and also are non-partisan. The market serves a term of 2 years, while City Councilmembers each

Election Hotline

For choice information, call the City of Irvine election Hotline in ~ 949-724-6159; Monday v Thursday indigenous 7:30 a.m. To 5:30 p.m., and also Friday 8 a.m. Come 5 p.m.

Additional Resources

Register come Vote

Are friend registered come vote? You should re-register if you:

MoveChange your nameChange her party affiliation

Online registration and also other voter registration details is available by click here. Registration forms are also available at City Hall, ar centers, write-up offices and libraries. To request a type by mail, please contact the City Clerk"s Office in ~ 949-724-6205 or the Orange ar Registrar of voters at 714-567-7600.

Campaign Committees and Candidate Filings

A perform current campaign disclosure filers and also political action committees, and campaign declaration filed ~ January 1, 2014, are obtainable online by here. Copies of campaign statements filed before January 1, 2014 are accessible in the City Clerk"s Office throughout normal service hours. Added information on project financing is available by click here.

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Municipal choice History

To watch Municipal election results, consisting of a background of ballot measure concerns as they showed up on each ballot, voter registration data, and also a listing the all chosen Mayors and also Councilmembers, click here.