The City of brand-new Orleans is responding to situations of COVID-19, typically known as the coronavirus. Text come 77295 to obtain alerts.

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Municipal and also Traffic Court of new Orleans

Municipal and also Traffic Court Of new Orleans Reopens at 1601 Perdido Street

Effective immediately, Municipal and Traffic Court of brand-new Orleans situated at 1601 Perdido street will re-open on

Monday, October 18, 2021 native 8:00 am till 4:00 pm.

Anyone with a an alert to appear on Monday, October 18th or any kind of subsequent day have to be present at 11:00 to be for an initial appearance court unless otherwise proclaimed on the notice.

A duty judge will certainly be available from 9:00 to be to 4:00 pm

Masks are forced for anyone entering the building

Currentprotocols room in place:

If you feel sick or have actually been caring for someone v COVID-19, execute not appear.All individuals entering the courthouse candlestick be required to stay a mask. Those that report there is no a mask will certainly be listed one.Hallways and also corridors shall it is in clear and are come be used for access only.Please speak to the Clerk’s Office in ~ (504) 658-8500 for any questions concerning appearance.Hearings entailing incarcerated defendants shall proceed to proceed via video-conference.If you have actually a set date to show up before a judge, you have to be existing 15 minutes before or no later on than 45 minutes after your assigned time to be permitted into the building. If girlfriend are an ext than 45 minutes beyond that set court time, you will certainly be reset in ~ a station collection up external of ours court.If you already have an assigned court date of June 1, 2020 and also beyond, it may be reset come accommodate society distancing and also the smaller dockets in ar for every judge's division.Defendants set to appear in first Appearance Court (FA) and also Violations Bureau(VB) for June 1, 2020 and also beyond will stay on the docket and also are required to appear at their collection date and also time.

Please call 504-658-8500 for much more information and all inquiries.


Municipal andTrafficCourtdoes nothandle Camera safety and security Ticketsnor Parking Tickets.Ifyou need informationaboutparking or camera tickets, please visit theParking and also Camera safety Tickets site.

General Information

If you got a traffic citation in a hand-written or digitally authorize format, you need to take activity on your ticket through the assigned arraignment date detailed at the bottom. Actions when applicable incorporate reporting come the Municipal and Traffic Court of brand-new Orleans to collection your citation for a day of trial, make complete payment or do payment arrangements. Failure to execute so may result in suspension of her driver’s license and also being subject to additional court fees and also penalties.

If you got a misdemeanor summons in a hand-written or digitally approve format, you must appear before a referee in an initial Appearance Court on the day notated in ~ the bottom of your summons. Every misdemeanor situations require a mandatory first appearance in court.

Failure to Appear

The web traffic citation or summons approve by the police officer has actually the an initial appearance/arraignment date provided at the bottom. You have to take action or show up on or before this date.If friend fail to show up or take it action, you might be hosted in contempt that Court and also assessed additional costs/fee(s). In addition, the adhering to may occur:

A Warrant/Attachment might be issued for her arrest.Your driver’s license may be exposed by the Louisiana Office of engine Vehicles.You might be subject to other action and assessed extr costs/fees.

If friend missed your date you should appear at the Court automatically to address your case.

Procedure because that Arrests

If you to be arrested because that either a traffic or misdemeanor violation, you or license is granted legal counsel must appear in very first Appearance Court as detailed on the paperwork you obtained upon release. Failure to do so may an outcome in a warrant gift issued for your arrest, forfeiture of your bond (if applicable) as well as additional court fees and penalties.

License Reinstatement

If your license has actually been rely by the Louisiana Office of motor Vehicles as result of non-appearance on your Municipal and also Traffic court of brand-new Orleans ticket, you have to report to court to request a file of clearance to carry out to the OMV to complimentary your patent from suspension. Every pending situations with the Municipal and traffic court of new Orleans must be addressed or carried current before any kind of clearance will be given for the Office of engine Vehicles.

Records Requests

To request record information concerning any web traffic or misdemeanor instances filed v the Municipal and Traffic Court of new Orleans you re welcome submit her request the following ways:

By mailIn person

All inquiry must include defendant's name( including known alias's), day of birth, violation date(s) or arrest date(s), and also violation description. Please incorporate a forwarding email resolve or mailing deal with with your request. Us cannot service facsimile requests in ~ this time.


Payment Procedures

Payment methods for a web traffic Ticket

Payments on her traffic ticket have the right to be made numerous ways.

In person with cash, cashier’s check, money order, credit or debit card. (Visa, MasterCard or Discover)

By mail: Money stimulate or cashier’s check only.In full by phone (504) 658-8500.

Payment is early out by the illustration date listed on your website traffic citation if you perform not show up to collection a attempt date. If you appear to request a Time to pay Schedule, you must make your reserved payments ~ above or before the days given. Fail to pay the staying balance through the last reserved date, may an outcome in suspension of your driver’s license, a warrant may be authorize for your arrest and being topic to extr court fees and also penalties.

Payment methods for a Misdemeanor Summons

A defendant cannot salary on a misdemeanor summons prior to reporting to first Appearance Court. Once sentenced through a judge, just then might the defendant be totally free to make payment in the direction of their fine.

Once a defendant is sentenced upon your misdemeanor case, they have the right to make payment several ways.

In person with cash, cashier’s check, money order, credit transaction or debit card. (Visa, MasterCard or Discover)By mail: Money bespeak or cashier’s examine only.In full by phone (504) 658-8500.

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Once sentenced and placed ~ above a Time to pay Schedule, you need to pay your fine in full by the last payment day of your payment schedule. Fail to pay the continuing to be balance through the last scheduled date may an outcome in a warrant being issued for her arrest as well as being subject ot added court fees and also penalties.