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By clicking the links below to miscellaneous financial and budget files for the City of mountain Antonio, you space acknowledging the complying with disclaimer. The information included in each file is current only as of its date, and also the City is under no responsibility to update or supplement any such documents to reflect transforms in truth or situations that may subsequently concerned the City’s attention. Please scroll down to read the entire disclaimer.

You room entering the jae won Transparency ar of this website that the City of mountain Antonio (the “City”). Please review the adhering to statement carefully, together it has important disclaimers and also acknowledgements.

Information Dated. papers posted from time to time in the jae won Transparency Section collection forth particular financial and also other information concerning the City, including yet not minimal to information detailed to meet the City’s undertakings under proceeding disclosure agreements v holders the the City’s blame obligations. The information contained in each document within this jae won Transparency section is existing as the the date of the record and may not it is in applicable thereafter. Several of the information had in the financial Transparency section may include projections or various other forward-looking statements based upon assumptions about future events or the future financial performance of the City. Yes, really results may differ materially indigenous those had in any type of such projections or forward-looking statements.

Continuing Disclosure. The City has prepared specific of the records posted in the financial Transparency ar to comply v the proceeding disclosure demands of dominion 15c2-12, as amended (the “Rule”), promulgated through the United states Securities and Exchange commission pursuant to the Securities Exchange action of 1934, together amended. Each paper filed through the City in compliance through its respective continuing disclosure agreements entered into in compliance through the preeminence is accessible to the basic public, there is no charge, from the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board v its electronic Municipal Market accessibility (“EMMA”) device (accessible via the web at www.emma.msrb.org), which, as of July 1, 2009, serves together the sole successor to the national municipal securities details repositories because that filings do in link with proceeding disclosure undertakings. Because of limitations innate in the digital transmission the documents, the illustration (but no the content) that such proceeding disclosure records on this website may differ from the variation thereof easily accessible through EMMA.

Disclaimer. The records in the jae won Transparency ar of this website are provided for informational functions only and are no an offer to market or the solicitation of an market to buy any kind of securities that the City in any jurisdiction. Together an sell or solicitation may be made just by an official statement or other offering document.

Acknowledgement. By entering the jae won Transparency Section, every viewer acknowledges that

the City is not, by offering the files in the jae won Transparency Section, offering to sell any kind of securities, no one soliciting an offer to buy any kind of securities; the information in the documents in the gaue won Transparency section is no intended as, and also will no be interpreted by the viewer as, a summary of the City or its to work applicable to any type of time subsequent to the respective date of the document; nor will certainly the viewer i think from the accessibility of such records on this website that the to work of the City have not adjusted since the date of together documents; and also due to the fact that the information included in any paper posted in the jae won Transparency Section may be out of day or incomplete, the information must not be relied top top in link with any kind of decision to acquisition or sell any securities the the City.

Comprehensive yearly financial report

The considerable Annual jae won Report gives a comprehensive explanation that the City of san Antonio’s revenues and expenditures and permits the publicly to obtain an understanding of the City’s gaue won condition.

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The City of mountain Antonio’s an extensive Annual gaue won Reports because that the current and previous years are accessible below.

2020 Comprehensive yearly Financial Reports (PDF)
2019 Comprehensive yearly Financial Reports (PDF)
2018 Comprehensive annual Financial Reports (PDF)
2017 Comprehensive annual Financial Reports (PDF)
2016 Comprehensive annual Financial Reports (PDF)
2015 Comprehensive yearly Financial Reports (PDF)
2014 Comprehensive annual Financial Reports(PDF)
2013 Comprehensive yearly Financial Reports(PDF)
2012 Comprehensive annual Financial Reports(PDF)
2011 Comprehensive yearly Financial Reports(PDF)
2010 Comprehensive annual Financial Reports(PDF)
2009 Comprehensive annual Financial Reports(PDF)
2008 Comprehensive annual Financial Reports(PDF)
2007 Comprehensive annual Financial Reports(PDF)
2006 Comprehensive yearly Financial Reports(PDF)
2005 Comprehensive annual Financial Reports(PDF)
2004 Comprehensive yearly Financial Reports(PDF)
2003 Comprehensive annual Financial Reports(PDF)