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During this time, elafilador.netPD emergency dispatchers are asking callers screening questions about COVID-19. That is command to price these questions with finish honesty to avoid exposing an initial responders come potential virus symptoms or being placed on prolonged quarantine. We advice everyone to please answer our screening inquiries truthfully together it could affect the effectiveness of report to community members in need. By keeping our very first responders safe, we can continue to save our City safe.

Currently, we limited public access to the elafilador.netPD lobby. Any type of walk-in requests because that police reports or motor auto accident information, please describe the indications posted directing visitors to call the Records department at (561) 822-1880 or email Policeprr If one demands to collection property/evidence, you re welcome telephone (561) 822-1875 come schedule an appointment.

The adhering to services room suspended indefinitely:

Fingerprinting RequestsRide-along ProgramsCourtesy TransportsStation ToursThe medicine drop off for unwanted medication

Fast Facts

The West Palm coast Police department was established in 1894. situated in Palm beach County, the city is 58.1 square miles. The City"s police pressure is comprised of 294 sworn law enforcement officers. Department catalog of call numbers and services Recruitment Information

Chief"s Vision

Welcome come the City the West Palm coast Police Department’s website. The men and also women that the department are the human being who make this organization one of the many respected legislation enforcement organ in the country, and they are here to serve you. We strive to carry out excellent police service and also a safe neighborhood every day.

Our police department embraces the core worths of neighborhood partnerships to identify, reduce, eliminate, and prevent crime impacting ours community. We space committed come elevating the high quality of life in ours neighborhoods.

As Chief, my commitment is to carry out the men and women that the West Palm coast Police department the tools and also support important to carry out the highest quality, professional, and courteous service to our community. My nearly 40-years of law enforcement endure will aid ensure the City of West Palm Beach remains a safe place to live, work, and also visit.

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Our Mission

Provide a safe place to live, work and visit

Our worths (PRIDE)

Professionalism - well trained, great characterRespect - we treat civilization with dignityIntegrity - we perform the best thingDedication - cursed to the missionExcellence - what we do, we perform well

Unbiased Policing standard Operating Procedure 1-4

Use of force Policy traditional Operating Procedure III-13

Code of Conduct and Ethics typical Operating Procedure I-1

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