The homicide rate is raising rapidly in the U.S., so much so that President Joe Biden has actually made tackling the difficulty one the his newest priorities. Alarmingly, homicide rates have risen by an average of 33% in 50 of the most populated U.S. Cities in between Q2 2019 and also Q2 2021, and are tho rising.

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In bespeak to identify which cities have the biggest homicide problems, contrasted 50 the the largest U.S. Cities based on per capita homicides in Q2 2021, and per capita homicides in Q2 2021 vs. Q2 2020 and Q2 2019.

Overall RankCityTotal ScoreHomicide situations per Capita (Q2 2021)Change in Homicide cases per Capita (Q2 2021 vs Q2 2020)Change in Homicide instances per Capita (Q2 2021 vs Q2 2019)
1New Orleans, LA95.1717.91(1)0.00(30)7.42(1)
2Cincinnati, OH91.2216.26(3)2.65(5)6.30(2)
3Baltimore, MD72.6315.27(5)0.00(30)0.82(25)
4Philadelphia, PA68.209.63(8)2.79(3)4.43(4)
5Detroit, MI67.0312.45(6)1.04(15)1.33(21)
6Milwaukee, WI66.329.08(9)2.02(10)4.71(3)
7Louisville, KY65.148.90(10)3.88(1)3.40(8)
8Atlanta, GA60.998.18(11)2.05(8)3.48(6)
9Memphis, TN59.0210.12(7)-1.84(47)2.30(10)
10Kansas City, MO57.6916.45(2)-16.24(50)1.64(15)
11Minneapolis, MN56.106.19(16)1.67(11)4.04(5)
12St. Louis, MO55.4515.58(4)-6.49(49)-3.57(50)
13St. Petersburg, FL53.494.97(20)3.44(2)3.44(7)
14Washington, DC53.307.22(13)1.01(17)1.88(13)
15Indianapolis, IN51.536.48(14)0.69(19)2.20(11)
16Norfolk, VA50.946.13(17)2.04(9)1.64(16)
17Albuquerque, NM49.996.26(15)2.68(4)0.72(28)
18Nashville, TN49.664.97(21)2.26(6)2.41(9)
19Chicago, IL49.327.42(12)-1.51(46)1.25(22)
20Durham, NC49.195.56(18)2.22(7)1.48(19)
21Sacramento, CA45.804.99(19)0.60(21)1.60(17)
22Tucson, AZ44.274.25(23)1.29(13)1.48(20)
23Oklahoma City, OK41.693.26(28)0.78(18)1.86(14)
24Winston-Salem, NC41.244.10(24)0.41(24)0.82(26)
25Riverside, CA39.432.45(33)0.31(26)2.14(12)
26Charlotte, NC39.333.50(27)0.47(22)0.70(30)
27Austin, TX38.902.21(34)1.47(12)1.58(18)
28Oakland, CA37.644.47(22)-1.41(44)-0.24(42)
29Denver, CO37.163.12(30)-0.43(39)0.71(29)
30Dallas, TX35.913.91(26)-0.30(37)-0.90(48)
31Colorado Springs, CO35.871.72(38)1.08(14)1.08(23)
32Phoenix, AZ35.542.69(32)-0.24(36)0.43(33)
33Los Angeles, CA34.372.12(35)0.28(27)0.35(35)
34Las Vegas, NV34.053.15(29)-1.42(45)-0.16(40)
35Seattle, WA33.621.66(39)-0.14(35)0.83(24)
36Raleigh, NC33.381.72(37)0.65(20)0.22(37)
37Fort Worth, TX33.181.83(36)0.00(30)0.34(36)
38New York, NY33.021.44(41)0.04(29)0.75(27)
39Jacksonville, FL33.002.81(31)-1.35(43)-0.22(41)
40Tulsa, OK32.823.98(25)-3.23(48)-0.75(47)
41San Diego, CA32.531.42(42)0.14(28)0.50(31)
42El Paso, TX30.830.74(47)0.44(23)0.44(32)
43Boston, MA30.681.46(40)0.00(30)-0.29(43)
44Anchorage, AK30.591.02(44)1.02(16)-0.34(44)
45Lincoln, NE29.620.70(48)0.35(25)0.00(38)
46Arlington, TX29.011.26(43)-0.51(40)-0.51(46)
47Madison, WI28.210.39(50)-0.78(41)0.39(34)
48Chesapeake, VA28.000.83(46)-1.25(42)0.00(38)
49Chandler, AZ26.910.40(49)-0.40(38)-0.40(45)
50Virginia Beach, VA24.150.89(45)0.00(30)-2.44(49)

Note: through the exemption of “Total Score,” every one of the columns in the table over depict the relative rank of that city, whereby a rank of 1 to represent the highest homicide rate and also highest rise in homicides, respectively.

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In order to evaluate the changes in homicides throughout cities, us calculated the variety of homicides per capita in Q2 2021 and the adjust in the variety of homicides per capita in the 2nd quarter that 2021 compared to the 2nd quarter that 2020 and also 2019.

In identify our sample, we contained 50 that the most occupied U.S. Cities that had locally released homicide data obtainable for our certain time period. We supplied the UCR an interpretation for criminal homicide. Data native this study is based in some situations on preliminary police department crime date, i m sorry is topic to reclassification upon further investigation.

The metrics offered are noted below with their matching weights. Every metric to be graded top top a 100-point scale, through a score the 100 representing the highest homicide rates.

We then identified the weight average across all metrics to calculate an overall score for each city and also used the resulting scores come rank-order the cities.

Homicides per Capita in Q2 2021: twin Weight (~50.00 Points)Change in Homicides (Q2 2021 vs. Q2 2020): full Weight (~25.00 Points)Note: This is the absolute distinction in the homicide price per capita.Change in Homicides (Q2 2021 vs. Q2 2019): complete Weight (~25.00 Points)Note: This is the absolute distinction in the homicide rate per capita.

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Sources: Data provided to create this ranking were collected from the U.S. Census Bureau and Local Crime Statistics.