as students come on university campuses nationwide this fall, announced the 2021 ranking that the peak 50 many bed bug-infested urban in the country.


As students and parents have arrived on university campuses nationwide this fall, some extr annoying and uninvited roommates may also be taking up residence in dormitories. Bed bugs spread quickly by hitching rides ~ above luggage, backpacks and also clothing, and can crawl with cracks in the walls, making common spaces of dorm living exceptionally vulnerable to infestations.

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Where are Bed Bugs many Common?

The top five cities on this year’s many infested list include Los Angeles explain the optimal spot, complied with by Cleveland, Philadelphia, Detroit and brand-new York City. Thirteen claims had an ext than one city on the list, including Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and also Texas. based the rankings top top the variety of requests got from every city in 2021*. The optimal 50 urban for bed bug infestations in the United claims are:

Los Angeles, Calif. Cleveland, Ohio Philadelphia, Pa. Detroit, Mich. New York, N.Y. Chicago, Ill. Dallas, Texas Indianapolis, Ind. Cincinnati, Ohio Atlanta, Ga. Columbus, Ohio Houston, Texas san Francisco, Calif. St. Louis, Mo. Washington, D.C. Pittsburgh, PA Memphis, TN Tampa, Fla. Louisville, Ky. Phoenix, Ariz. Dayton, Ohio Denver, Colo. Oklahoma City, Okla. Nashville, Tenn. Boston, Mass. Lexington, Ky. Orlando, Fla. Little Rock, Ark. Baltimore, Md. Charleston, W.Va. Paducah, Ky. Toledo, Ohio Birmingham, Ala. Cool Rapids, Mich. South Bend, Ind. Miami, FL Flint, Mich. Shreveport, La. Kansas City, Mo. Ft. Smith, Ark. Springfield, Mo. Mobile, Ala. Seattle, Wash. Milwaukee, Wis. San Diego, Calif. Fresno, Calif. Tulsa, Okla. Las Vegas, Nev. Sacramento, Calif. Dothan, Ala.

Signs of Bed Bugs & whereby to Look

A few ways to identify the presence of bed bugs include little blood smears on her sheets, a musty odor, reddish-brown blood spots on your mattress, and also bed bugs themselves. In dorm rooms, they tend to live in dressers, clothes, floorboards, couches and also mattresses. When completely grown, bed bugs resemble the size, shape and also color of an apple seed; however, students should likewise be on the lookout for recently hatched, cream-colored bed bugs (nymphs) hiding in your fitted sheets.

How come Protect against Bed Bugs on Campus

Here room a few simple protective measures to help prevent the spread of bed bugs when moving onto campuses:

add bed bug-proof encasements for your mattress, pillow and box feather to her back-to-school shopping list. Your protective casings will assist prevent your bed from becoming a bed pest breeding ground. Extensively search your brand-new dorm room or apartment top top move-in day. Take it time come lift mattresses, relocate furniture and also peek behind headboards for any signs the bed bugs, consisting of discarded shells (molted exoskeletons); live or dead bugs at mattress seams or furniture joints; a sweet, musty odor; or small blood stains native previous bite victims. Crack open up your textbooks. Bed bugs have been well-known to take trip from one ar to the following via the “Second-Hand Textbook Express.” warm launder any type of borrowed or second-hand clothing (following labeling washing directions). resist the temptation to pick up discarded furniture. Back a free futon could be appealing, a lurking bed an insect infestation is not. never leave backpacks or clothing on, under, or near your bed, chairs or upholstered furniture in her room or rooms you space visiting – it’s an easy way to unknowingly move hitchhiker bed bugs. Don’t let your backpack come into contact with rather — short contact v an infested backpack deserve to be an unwanted pest’s invite to sign along.

Contact a Bed bug Exterminator

If you suspect a bed pest infestation in your dorm room, ask your university to contact a professional bed an insect exterminator immediately. Bed bugs space notoriously daunting to eliminate, and also college RAs are seldom equipped to manage infestations. There is no the assist of a professional, bed bugs deserve to hide and also survive in a home, apartment or dorm room for months.

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*This ranking was created by translate in bed bug-specific data the customer attention from branches throughout the country. The rankings represent Metropolitan Statistical areas (MSAs) v the many leads received in between January 1, 2021 and also August 20, 2021.