Highs Transformative driving experience, volcanic acceleration, totally practical for everyday use. Short Uninspired exhaust note, noisy at highway speeds, styling only children can love. Decision The Civic kind R might hurt the eyes and also disappoint the ears, yet its fantastic driving actions will still enchant the senses.


Despite the gloriously youth bodywork, the 2021 Honda Civic kind R is a hugely entertaining and also entirely valuable four-door hatchback. V a 306-hp turbocharged four-cylinder and also a six-speed manual transmission (the only gearbox available) feeding the prior wheels, the type R is not just the quickest Honda Civic, it"s among the quickest sport compacts. Honda has managed to virtually remove the dreaded talk steer that plagues an effective front-drive dare and carry out talkative steering, significant cornering grip, and a ride that"s surprisingly smooth. Its inner isn"t the fanciest, and its red accents make the cabin look like a crime scene, but the reasonably-sized back seat and also ample cargo area give it every-day practicality. Apart from a subdued exhaust note and also noisy highway behavior, the 2021 Civic form R ranks amongst the many entertaining cars to drive best now and an Editors" selection winner.

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What"s new for 2021?

For 2021, Honda offers a limited Edition kind R that lives up come its name, as only 1000 copies complete will be built (600 the which are designated for U.S. Customers). This design will only come in Phoenix Yellow Pearl paint. It"ll attribute a gloss-black roof panel, exterior mirrors, and hood scoop. Many importantly, the limited Edition is plan to boost the type R"s power by shedding 38 pounds and adopting stickier Michelin sports Cup 2 tires. Honda likewise says it has actually retuned steering and also damper attributes to work-related with the particular wheel-and-tire combination.

Pricing and also Which One to Buy

The Civic kind R"s main challenger is the Hyundai Veloster N. The Hyundai is down on power compared to the R, and its odd three-door construction compromises its practicality. Yet both sports compacts are currently the just front-drive hatchbacks the have an in similar way stellar performance. If everyone has an opinion around the Honda"s styling, and the Veloster N"s exhaust sounds substantially better, the type R would be our preferred choice. We also like the improvements promised by the restricted Edition.

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Engine, Transmission, and also Performance

The Civic type R looks like something the adversary himself spat top top the asphalt, and it goes favor a bat the end of hell, too. Its to exclude, turbocharged four-cylinder renders 306 horsepower and 295 lb-ft the torque. The passionate engine always feels alive with a responsive throttle and imperceptible turbo lag. A short-throw six-speed hand-operated is also on hand and also the just transmission choice. The Honda"s easy clutch action and specific shifter room as perfectly synchronized as a pair of number skaters. Too negative the triple-pipe, center-exit exhaust isn"t as loud as the exterior styling. Sure, the innocuous keep in mind is appreciated on long trips, yet we want much more roar in a vehicle that looks and also drives prefer this one. The type R is that rare kind of vehicle with fantastic track capability and amicable road manners. That sticks come the road like bionic Velcro, through steering telepathy that would certainly embarrass miss out on Cleo and a chassis watch tuned by a Formula 1 engineer. Back its suspension is stiffer 보다 the sporty Honda public Si"s, the R-rated variation is still surprisingly comfortable. It"s just slightly impolite top top rough roads or over harsh bumps, wherein the 20-inch wheels and also low-profile tires yield loud impacts. The Honda"s tremendous grip was displayed on our skidpad, where it pulled 1.02 g"s—an outstanding feat for any car, permit alone one through front-wheel drive. The kind R collection the bar even higher with that astonishing emergency-braking distance (70 mph come zero) the 142 feet, which equals that of the $200,000 Acura NSX supercar we tested.