Join Civil war Ghosts tonight to hear the gripping stories of the ghosts and hauntings of Gettysburg. Check out where the civilians and soldiers fell, and also where their eerie existence persists come this day. They want to it is in heard – will you listen?

Visit the numerous haunted downtown inns and buildings wherein the injured took your last breaths in agony. Touch the traces of your sacrifice that remain and also reach the end from beyond in this small, haunted town that shame the future of the unified States.

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Ghost tour Meeting Location: across from Mr. G’s Gift Shop at “Unity Park”, located at 37 Lefever Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325

Tour Duration: 1hr. Throughout 1 mile

Ghost tours are hosted nightly, rain or shine!

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Our walking route takes friend on a journey with Gettysburg’s historic downtown.

Our tour is both informative and thrilling.

Suitable for anyone and everyone curious around the haunted background of Gettysburg and its role in our nation’s history. Freshman who’ve never done a ghost tour room as welcome together enthusiastic ghost hunters.

Three most haunted stop on the tour:

The expanded Civil battle Ghosts tour includes the Gettysburg Hotel, haunted through a couple. Romantic spirits recorded on opposite political parties of the problem perhaps? extend your tour and also hear your story.

With end 46,000 soldiers killed in the three-day battle, Gettysburg has actually too countless tragic tales for any single walking tour. Civil battle Ghosts gift a course that shows all political parties of this hideous conflict.

Both militaries clashed roughly a town of just 1,500 inhabitants. Nearly every structure was commandeered for military use. Occupants responded as people will, in every way thinkable.

Book your ar now come hear about Tillie Pierce, the daughter that a butcher created a book about her experiences during the war, that her and also friends singing ‘Our Union Forever’, as six thousand that Buford’s mounties passed through the town. Later as the battle grew nearer, she saw much more troops passing and heard castle wonder as soon as they would be sent ago in the horse-drawn ambulances the were additionally on the streets.

Sooner 보다 she would have actually wanted the city overflowed with wounded soldiers. Tilly sprang right into heroic action, tending wounds and also dressings and also making many men comfortable together they put dying about the homestead, the outbuildings, and also many other places roughly the little town of Gettysburg.

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The Inn that bears her surname has countless stories of hauntings, hear this, and also many more fascinating story on the Civil war Ghost tourism now.

“Our tour overview was great. I have been coming to Gettysburg for close to 50 years and taken several ghost tours. This one offered information i did no know. The tour guide is the many important part of the tour and also I would offer this gentleman a 5+ stars! many thanks for a fun evening!