Federal ft in the port of Charleston, southern Carolina; the confederate assault on the fort marked the begin of the polite War
Date >July 1861North was too slowSouth had far better generals4,800 lostNorth Leader: McDowelSouth Leader: Stonewall Jackson (HAD aided WIN) and Beauregard
fought august 28-30, 1862,<1> as component of the American civil War. It to be the culmination of an offensive campaign waged by Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee"s army of north Virginia versus Union Maj. Gen. Man Pope"s military of Virginia, and a battle of much larger scale and numbers 보다 the first Battle the Bull run (First Manassas) combated in 1861 top top the same ground.

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march 1862, Virginia, this is the first ironclad fight to end in a draw, but the union blockade to be still retained in tact
This was fight fought by approve in an attempt to catch the railroad of the South. The battle was fought in the west impede the phibìc from obtaining basic victory. However, the Confederates strong resistance verified that they would certainly not go quietly and also the battle was far from over.
Union gunboats captured brand-new Orleans. Other ships caught Memphis, Tennessee.Results: The Union now managed both end of the Mississippi. The south might no longer use the river together a it is provided line.
a Confederate victory; thwarted the Union"s Virginia Peninsular project of spring and also summer that 1862; very first battle in which Lee commanded the Confederate Army
Bloodiest solitary day in American history. Robert E. Lee"s invasion of Maryland is stopped by George McClellan, yet McClellan fails to complete Lee off. Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation after ~ this battle.
In Virginia where Lee daringly split his numerically inferior army and sent Stonewall Jackson to strike the Union flank. This prospered strategy together it was among the Confederates most successful win of the war. However, during the fight Jackson to be shot and also killed by friendly fire i beg your pardon depleted the moral of the confederate force.
The most violent battle of the American polite War and also is typically cited together the wars transforming point, battled from July 1 - July 3, 1863.
Speech offered by Abraham Lincoln which recorded the heart of liberty and also morality ideally held by citizen of a democracy. That appropriate was endangered by the civil War.
Two and half month siege the a Confederate ft on the Mississippi river in Tennessee. Vicksburg finally fell to Ulysses S. Grant in July of 1863, providing the Union military control of the Mississippi River and splitting the south in two
fought from might 5 to might 7, 1864, to be the an initial battle the Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant"s 1864 Virginia Overland Campaign against General Robert E. Lee and the Confederate army of northern Virginia.
Fought during the American Civil war from June 1 come June 3, 1864, close to Cold Harbor, Virginia, the culminated in the slaughter of much more than 13,000 Union soldiers attempting to advance to the Confederate entrenchment. The Confederates shed fewer 보다 2,000 men, and also even they were shocked through the carnage resulted in by the folly of the Union commanders.

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General Sherman command a force from Chattanooga, Tennessee to southern Carolina damaging everything the Confederates can use come survive. He collection fire to south Carolina"s capital, Columbia.
(AL) 1864, , This to be the last fight of the Civil battle that ended in a Union victory.It finished the war. Give defeats Lee

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