Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy have actually two sons together: Cyrus Michael Christopher, 7, and also Rowan, 17 months

In a recent interview through Net-A-Porter’s digital title, Porter, the 40-year-old actress recalled the obstacles of life in phibìc Carolina to film Homeland for number of years the her marriage to Dancy, who continued to be in brand-new York for his own acting career.

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“That to be tough,” she admitted. “That distance is corrosive, and I’m just poor at it. And also I don’t an especially want come get an excellent at it. We learned follow me the means how important it is for us to be physically together as regularly as possible.”

However, the pair — who have been married because 2009 — were able to live and also work together as soon as the Hannibal actor, 44, landed a duty in the final season that his wife’s struggle Showtime series as a international officer come the president.



“That to be such a nice way to end the show,” dance said. “I didn’t have actually a solitary scene v him, however on my days off, I would certainly go come his set. He’s really good. I don’t specifically forget that, yet we don’t talk about acting much, for this reason it was a yes, really nice reminder.”

“Watching your partner do something they room really good at,” to dance added, “is so hot”.

Danes and also Dancy met in 2006 on the collection of the movie Evening. And also according to Danes, she knew it to be the genuine deal many thanks to a sweet communication they mutual at a Christmas party.

“When we an initial started sorta-kinda-dating for genuine (ish), I had actually an ornament-making party because that Christmas, and also he assisted organize it,” she recalled. “Then he made one ornament the cowboy document dolls, and also I thought, ‘and the crafts?’ the was it. “You have actually me because that the rest of our lives.”



With end a te of marital relationship under their belt, Danes and Dancy currently reside with each other in Manhattan v their sons Cyrus Michael Christopher, 7, and Rowan, 17 months.

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“It feels prefer a huge luxury,” she stated in June 2018. “When ns was pregnant through my very first son, I worked until I remained in my eighth month, so this feels prefer a vast gift, to have actually a opportunity to absent my feet increase a small bit.”.

Danes’ longtime role in Homeland as Carrie Mathison comes to an finish after the series’ eighth and final season, which kicks off on Feb. 9

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