Clash the The Titans 3 Updates: Is the Still Happening? complying with the underperformance the the second movie will certainly Clash of The Titans 3 ever happen? The last movie to be released in 2012.

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the was constructed as a significant new franchise but what are the opportunities of Clash the The Titans 3 tho happening? The original Clash the The Titans is a cult adventure native 1981 that follows Perseus, the son of Zeus who much face-off with superordinary creatures prefer Medusa and also the Kraken to conserve the woman he loves. The movie featured a great cast - consisting of Laurence Olivier and also Maggie smith (Downton Abbey) - and incredible stop-motion impacts by ray Harryhausen.

Clash the The Titans was then remade in 2010 by director Louis Leterrier (The Dark Crystal: age of Resistance). The film again featured a significant cast, including Liam Neeson, Mads Mikkelsen, and a post-Avatar Sam Worthington however while it was a hit, it obtained a roundly an unfavorable reception because that its horrid 2D come 3D post-conversion. Leterrier would later on agree with the agree to the 3D, going therefore far regarding call that a gimmick designed come steal money from audiences. Worthington later returned because that 2012"s Wrath the The Titans, which again received mediocre reviews and also earned much less than the predecessor.

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A third film referred to as Revenge that The Titans was evidenced to it is in in advance before the 2nd entry was released, however what are the odds of a Clash the The Titans 3 in reality happening?

Sam Worthington cast Doubt on Clash that The Titans 3

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when Wrath of The Titans was much more or much less a hit, profits had actually undeniably dropped from the first movie. This is likely one reason Sam Worthington wondered about Clash the The Titans 3 would certainly be relocating ahead in a 2013 interview, with franchise producer Basil Iwanyk later backing this through stating a lack of "fresh ideas" for a 3rd movie had actually stalled it.

No story details to be revealed for Revenge that The Titans, through the ahead movie finishing with the death of Zeus (Liam Neeson) and Perseus handing his knife to kid Heleus (John Bell, The Hobbit: The battle of the 5 Armies). This include father and also son might team up for a future titan clashing.

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Revenge the The Titans most likely Won"t Happen

when Clash the The Titans 2010 was a success, its heritage is the of a forgettable blockbuster the was sold on a terrible 3D conversation. Linked with the disappointing performance of Wrath that The Titans, general lack the audience love for the franchise and the failure of similar movies like Gods that Egypt, it"s difficult to see a studio obtaining behind a potential Clash that The Titans 3.

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Maybe Sam Worthington"s return to blockbusters because that James Cameron"s Avatar sequels will certainly ignite a spark because that the dormant series, however Clash of The Titans 3 is i can not qualify to relocate forward anytime soon.