On TLC"s Say Yes come the Dress, soon-to-be brides visit a save in hopes of finding their dream wedding gown (and the it"ll be within budget). In the original SYTTD (as protest to the numerous spinoffs (like Say Yes come the Dress: AtlantaSay Yes come the Dress: UK), brides visit the above Manhattan bridal salon, Kleinfeld. There, they drape us in tulle, run into designers, and beg your bridal consultants for more "bling."

More 보다 a te after SYTTD"s premiere in 2007, the reality display has become an empire, with brides and non-brides alike addicted to the drama the the dress-shopping experience. But SYTTD isn"t just around trying top top dresses. Over there are family dynamics to watch, tear-jerking story of brides who"ve endured massive struggles prior to their special day, and also even a few celebrity brides. It"s basic to obtain emotionally invest in a bride and also her family, and wonder once the episode is over, "Hey, what ever before happened come them? Did the bride gain the surgery she needed? Did that young bride-to-be get the wedding of she dreams? Is that one kooky couple still together?"

Here"s what SYTTD"s most memorable brides space up to now.

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Season 17 bride-to-be Rebekah naval walked right into her Kleinfeld appointment through an exceptional accessory: a hyper-advanced prosthetic arm.

Known publicly together the "Bionic Model," marine was born without a ideal forearm. In she SYTTD episode, she explained that, if she once struggled v her disability, she currently uses it as a platform. Two years before her bridal appointment, she obtained a advanced prosthetic arm (complete with moving metal fingers) and also she started modeling v it. Shortly her career take it off and she began modeling for height designers and also even became a motivational speaker. She shared, "My entirety message is about living through uniqueness and also celebrating that."

Marine chose a tulle and lace mermaid gown, one of Randy Fenoli"s designs, because that her big day, and her gorgeous wedding (complete v a new gold wedding prosthetic) to be featured at the finish of the episode. But what taken place after the vows? Well, Marine is still thriving. Follow to she website, she continues to model and tour as a motivational speaker. She"s also going strong with her husband, and the couple welcomed a baby boy, Jackson, in march 2019.


When bride-to-be Emily began her appointment, she gushed around her fiancé, David Gotterup. She pointed out that he operated in the mortgage industry and also that lock met once she was functioning for him. "He fired me for this reason he can date me," she shared, as reported through Forbes. The appointment gained stressful, though, once Emily had actually a difficult time sticking to she $5,000 budget. Eventually, she worked out on a $6,500 Pnina Tornai. It to be over budget plan — but she to be willing to splurge for she beach wedding.

After your wedding, however, it seems the couple only ran into more financial problems. In 2015, Gotterup was fee on an 11-count indictment for scamming homeowners through a mortgage loan modification scheme, apparently conning a complete of $2.5 million out of master in a five-year duration (via Forbes). In 2017, he to be sentenced come 15 years in prison. While tough time can"t be an excellent for a marriage, at the very least fans can appreciate just how lucky Emily to be to gain out the the scamming mortgage agency while she could.

Season 12 bride Rebekah Gregory came right into Kleinfeld with just a month to uncover her dream dress — but that quick time structure wasn"t her best challenge. Gregory walked right into the salon on crutches, recovering from injuries sustained from the 2013 Boston marathon bombing. As soon as Gregory concerned Kleinfeld, she"d already endured an ext than 15 surgeries, as listed by the New York Post.

While Gregory obtained a dream dress from Kleinfeld (and a fairy tales wedding), ~ the show, she and also husband Pete DiMartino didn"t obtain the "happily ever after" they"d hope for. After simply ten month of marriage, the pair separated. A couple of months earlier, she"d been required to make the complicated decision to have actually her foot amputated.

Soon, however, things began looking up. Gregory created a book — the suitably named, Taking mine Life Back. Then in 2015, she remarried, and, in 2016, they invited a daughter, Ryleigh. "I"ve learned that you gain every component of the ride when you endure it through your best friend," Gregory said in an Instagram post celebrating her and her husband"s two-year wedding anniversary. "What we have constructed together, i wouldn"t even trade because that two genuine legs."

Attorney Amy Pokora and her pair sister, Emily Wilfinger, are practically SYTTD regulars. In between dress shopping and also fittings, the two have actually been top top a total of 4 episodes of SYTTD (plus the spinoff collection Say Yes to the Dress: Randy knows Best). However when Pokora an initial stepped right into the keep in Season 10, she was just shopping for her wedding dress.

While Pokora insisted ~ above a sexy gown, her sister make the efforts to to convince her to get a much less revealing dress. As soon as Pokora discovered a equipment gown v a sheer panel at the waist, she sister asked, "Would you desire your lawyer to stay a see-through dress?" Pokora climate tried a panel over the thin dress, but in a Season 11 episode, she go in for a fitting and also had it taken out.

These days, this Kleinfeld bride is tho an attorney, and she and also her husband have actually their own law practice, Lewis and also Pokora. While legislation may salary the bills, it seems she"s found her true passion: standup comedy. Follow to her website, she"s focusing on she comedy job now, booking shows in her home state of Arizona and also even new York City.

Former Disney Channel star Sabrina Bryan is well-known for her part in Disney Channel"s The Cheetah Girls. But in her Season 17 SYTTD episode, Bryan to be looking to be an ext of a princess 보다 a popular music star.

From the beginning, she knew she wanted a Hayley Paige dress however didn"t understand what format gown she wanted. "I"m coming to Kleinfeld with a very details knowledge of mine designer," she said. "I simply don"t recognize what mine silhouette is." Eventually, Hayley Paige developed a custom look, and also Bryan went away with both a ballgown and a 2nd fitted dress.

Since Bryan"s October 2018 wedding, she"s been busy providing a voice to newlyweds everywhere. In one interview with KTLA 5 Morning News, she discussed that, while there"s so much advice the end there because that couples planning weddings and also those expecting babies, there"s not lot to aid enrich married life prior to kids. So, she she"s functioning on a blog and also podcast to provide advice about enjoying gift a newlywed. "Eventually we will have kids and that will be an additional amazing journey," she shared, "but I"m really excited to watch what being just a newlywed means."

When, in Season 12, actress Sutton Foster went searching for a gown in ~ Kleinfeld, she bridal consultant Lisa recognized early that this bride would need something different. As soon as the bride-to-be make the efforts on a $6,800 Pnina Tornai gown, she loved it instantly, informing Lisa and also Randy, "I"ve never ever worn anything like this." 

Since she SYTTD episode aired, Sutton make some big changes. Quickly after she wedding, Sutton took a rest from performing on Broadway and took the starring role in TVLand"s Younger — and the series was a hit. In the years since, her acting career has actually stayed strong. In June 2019, she posted a picture at an event for Season 6 that Younger, saying, "I really am the luckiest." In march 2019, Foster announced her go back to Broadway, certification opposite Hugh Jackman in The Music Man.

But it"s not simply her job that"s get an impressive — her household has too. Three years after her wedding, Sutton and also her husband adopted a daughter, Emily. In an interview through People, she said, "It was a yes, really beautiful and amazing journey to discover her."

In Season 15, bride Jasmine Solaperto got in Kleinfeld (with she fiancé, Brian Sullivan) learning she want a sexy and unique dress. Sullivan called consultant Lisa, "Dude, there"s no budget. We lugged the Amex." So, of course, it was an appointment to remember.

The bride-to-be ended up through a sexy romper through detachable skirt, plus a $5,000 dramatic cape. 5 weeks later, in November 2016, the pair wed in ~ the cool Canyon. However, the marriage was short-lived. In February 2018, Solaperto announced in a YouTube video clip that she and Sullivan to be filing because that divorce. In the video, Solaperto explained, "I fell into a health coaching regimen which literally like readjusted my f**king life." Apparently, this coaching assisted her realize that her marriage wasn"t working. She said, "Looking back, in retrospect, I know that there were so plenty of red flags and I just ignored them."

These days, Solaperto seems to be healing. In one Instagram write-up from June 2019, she said, "When I remove the emotions and stories and also show the f**k up for myself in the means I recognize I desire to, ABUNDANCE becomes my brand-new normal."

In Season 8 the Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, bride Morgan Petek had actually a tough time selecting a dress. Petek was marrying nation music star Jerrod Niemann, and also she wanted the dress to it is in perfect for her high-profile wedding. She tried some gowns and loved among them, but, as quickly as it seemed like she"d uncovered the one, Petek had actually other ideas. "As quickly as it yes, really sunk in that this is the dress that I"m gonna acquire married in, it just did not feel prefer the appropriate dress," Petek confessed. Still, Petek decided on a custom Lazaro gown, and also the pair married in October 2014.

In February 2019, however, the two filed for divorce after just four years of marriage, making the last-minute dress skepticism seem prophetic. The couple said in a statement, "We have learned and also grown right into the civilization we space today. Us wish each various other all the best in the future."

These days, Niemann is quiet performing and also Petek is passionate about her task as a nurse practitioner. In a short article from might 2019, Petek announced she would certainly be moving to brand-new York to start her "dream job."

Claudia Oshry is well-known for her well-known Instagram account Girl through No Job, but, in Season 15 of SYTTD, she was known for she fast-talking sassiness. Her fast wit and also take-no-crap perspective helped her cut down dresses quicker than consultant Lisa could get them turn off the hanger. "This is the first time I might be afraid of my bride," Lisa said. Luckily, Oshry found her dress and wore the to her 2017 wedding.

Months ~ Oshry"s wedding, however, news broke that right-wing and anti-Islam commentator Pamela Geller to be Oshry"s mother. Soon, racism tweets made by Oshry resurfaced, and, in in march 2018, Verizon"s Oath canceled she social media talk show, The Morning Breath. Oshry conveniently issued one apology on society media. She said, in a tearful video clip (via People), "I require to just come appropriate out and also say how sorry ns am. It"s no cool, it"s no funny."

Later, Oshry started a brand-new show referred to as The Morning Toast, and it seems numerous of your fans accepted her apology. Oshry"s Girl v No job account is tho going strong and she even tours.

In Season 14, Corbin smoke (of Disney"s High college Musical) and also fiancée Sasha Clements came right into Kleinfeld"s floating on a cloud of love. Young, beautiful, and totally smitten, castle shopped because that a dress with each other in preparation for their July 2016 wedding. ~ trying part dresses, Clements discovered a perfect right in a practice Pnina Tornai gown, which Pnina announced she would now contact "The Sasha."

But just how are Bleu and Clements law now? This sweet pair seems to it is in going strong — plus, smoke is doing well through his post-Disney career. While smoke isn"t specifically at High institution Musical co-star Zac Efron"s movie-star level, he"s tho acting and also dancing. He"s working ~ above Broadway and also is even getting nominated because that awards because that his duty in Kiss Me Kate and Anything Goes. Here"s a kid Disney star who did right.

In January 2019, Sasha posted a picture of them snuggling ~ above the couch, creating in the caption, "Sparks joy." as well cute!

When Olympic jogger Dawn Harper appeared in Season 10, consultant Allison immediately asked if she had her Olympic medals v her — and, that course, she did. When they relocated on to dress shopping, Harper stated she want a ball gown. "On the track, I"m halfway naked every the time," she said, "so ns would like to, friend know, simply wear miscellaneous that renders me feel favor a woman." In the end, she left through a strapless, princess ball gown.

Then, in 2017, her surname made headlines again. However, she hadn"t won another medal. Instead, she remained in the center of a doping scandal, as reported by NBC Sports. She served a three-month ban from the track after taking a prescribed blood push medication, failing to identify that it consisted of a banned substance.

Still, things started looking increase when, in April 2019, Harper and her husband welcomed a baby girl. And also it didn"t take lengthy for Harper to get earlier on the track post-baby, as showed in an Instagram video clip of her running in June 2019. When it comes to her marriage, she and also her husband are doing well, having celebrated their six-year anniversary in March 2019.

Omarosa Manigault is known for her time ~ above The Apprentice and also for functioning on Trump"s White home staff, but, in 2016, she was just another bride in Kleinfeld. And also there, Manigault discovered the rosy dress of her dreams in a $6,400 ballgown through Ysa Makino. 

But there to be drama ~ Manigault left the store. She gained married in ~ the trumped Hotel in Washington, D.C., and, ~ the reception, she and also her 39-person bridal party verified up unannounced to the White House and also tried to take photos. That same year, in December 2017, White home press secretary buy it Huckabee Sanders announced that Manigault (now Manigault-Newman) had actually handed in her resignation. However, Fortune reported that Manigault didn"t battered — she was fired. And also the firing apparently "didn"t go well." Yikes.

By 2018, Omarosa authored a No. 1 New York Times bestseller — Unhinged: an Insiders Account that the trumped White House. These days, that appears things have actually slowed down. She"s tho married, and also she"s been fostering her book and making occasional TV appearances.

When Whitney Duncan to be on a 2014 episode of SYTTD, she introduced herself together a country music singer, but viewers could know her ideal from her time on reality shows. She to be on Season 5 of Nashville Star in 2007, she to be on Survivor: south Pacific (which is where she met her future husband Keith Tollefson) in 2011, and she and also Tollefson teamed up for The amazing Race Season 25 (via People). While in ~ Kleinfeld, Duncan found a equipment lace gown for her wedding.

These days, she seems to have offered up the reality show life. She"s a fitness trainer and, even though her singing career might be acquisition a backseat, she hasn"t given up on she dreams. In November 2018, she post a #WaybackWednesday of herself at the CMAs in 2009. She wrote, "This girl didn"t understand that she (& countless many other talented females) would certainly still be struggling to it is in heard almost a te later." Still, she"s not shedding hope, together she said, "This ole girl ain"t giving up yet."

She and Tollefson room still together. Top top Valentine"s job 2019, she post on Instagram come celebrate 6 years due to the fact that their engagement. So, that looks favor some the her dreams came true after ~ all.

In Season 17 of Say Yes to the Dress, Emily Summers and also fiancé kris Norton come in looking for a dress the wasn"t too wide at the bottom. This to be important because Norton, who is in a wheelchair, plan on walking v Summers back down the aisle at the finish of their ceremony. Consultant Debbie uncovered Summers a form-fitted gown, and, through the finish of the episode, viewers witnessed Summers aid Norton the end of his wheelchair at their wedding and also walk earlier down the aisle together.

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Since your 2018 wedding, the two have actually been busy, as they raised a family of six foster children. Summers (now Emily Norton) gushes over her foster youngsters on Instagram. In one post from might 2019, she described one of her foster daughters as having actually "the best heart" and saying, "I to be so proud I obtain to be her mom."

Summers and also Norton also authored a book, The 7 Longest Yards, and also celebrated their an initial year of marital relationship in April 2019. It appears nothing can stop them.