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DeAngelo Hall: Redskins defense might be one of finest in NFL | 106.7 The FanThe Redskins rank second in in its entirety defense ~ Sunday"s win.

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Five monitorings from the Redskins" rain-soaked victory over the Packers | NBC sporting activities WashingtonThe Redskins defeated the Packers 31-17, and also Rich Tandler has five an essential observations indigenous the big win.

Need to Know: share up, stock down for the Redskins’ win over Packers | NBC sports WashingtonNeed come Know: The Redskins’ stock approximately the league went up v their exceptional win end the Packers and also there were some individual rises in the wake up of the game.

Though the refs did, the Redskins observed nothing wrong v Clay Matthews" struggle on Alex smith | NBC sporting activities WashingtonFor the second week in a row, Clay Matthews was at the facility of a controversial penalty. And also everyone, including the male he hit, thinks the speak to was bogus.

Hail or Fail: Redskins players feeling for Clay Matthews ~ roughing the passer punish - The Washington PostThe good and poor from Washington"s 31-17 success over the Packers, including linebacker Ryan Anderson"s continued success as a fullback.

Redskins vs. Packers: The good, the bad and the ugly | NBC sporting activities WashingtonIt"s rainy, cold and the Redskins space in desperate need of a mainly 3 win. Here"s the good, the bad and also the ugly for Week 3.

Trent Williams to undergo "minor" surgery, meant to play in main 5 | NBC sporting activities WashingtonWashington Redskins" offensive tackle Trent Williams is report to undergo a "minor" surgery Monday.

Redskins could finally have actually a defense they can develop upon, not work approximately - The Washington PostThrough the first three games of the season, Washington has displayed an identity on defense that has actually been absent for a generation.

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Five an essential plays in the Redskins’ large win end the Packers | NBC sporting activities WashingtonThere are about 150 theatre in an NFL video game and every one of them are important. But some the them issue to the outcome an ext than others. Here are five of the vital plays in the Redskins’ victory over the Packers.

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