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Let’s begin here: I’m not certain anyone other than Georgia is really good in college football this year. I simply wrote my pillar on last night’s epos Aggie win over Alabama. I’d encourage girlfriend to review that right now. But in the meantime the question most have actually is, what go this average for Alabama walk More


Long after ~ midnight in Northgate, the arsenal of college bars just off Texas A&M’s campus, “Sweet home Alabama” blared from one of the bar sound systems as A&M student leaned end the bar rails and flooded the area streets celebrating your team’s huge 41-38 win over the Crimson Tide. A team of Aggie college student screamed More

We had one more winning week, our 5th straight main of winners, top top the elafilador.net weekly college football picks. When we just went 7-6 — thanks, LSU, because that the fallen in the late video game after gift up 13-0 and also 19-10 — us are currently sitting in ~ 35-21 on the year. That’s a 63% winning percentage as More

It’s Tuesday, which method it’s time because that me to resolve all the problems in the elafilador.net cosmos for you guys. Together always, send her anonymous mailbag concerns to claytravis
gmail.com, anonymity guaranteed. Okay, below we go: “I’m in my at an early stage 20s and just moved to a new city. Ns was the end last Saturday in ~ a bar More

Welp, ns was wrong. I believed Alabama and also Georgia were wildly overvalued because that their games Ole Miss and also Arkansas, respectively. I believed Ole Miss and also Arkansas would certainly both display up on the road in Tuscaloosa and Athens and demonstrate the Crimson Tide and also the Bulldogs to be good, yet not great, talented teams, yet not head More

As we enter the month that October this weekend, let’s reflect for simply a minute on the remarkable September we had actually with the elafilador.net college Football Gambling Picks: us had 4 straight winning mainly of picks, finishing September at 28-15 top top the month, because that a robust 65% to win percentage. That’s in spite of the fact that we More

It’s Tuesday and, as always, I’m here to fix all the troubles in the elafilador.net universe. We will certainly be in Tuscaloosa this weekend because that the elafilador.net bus tour, and we will be broadcasting native the Innisfree Pub every morning. So i encourage you males to come hang through us top top Saturday morning. The elafilador.net bus More

The Clemson tigers have had actually an significant run under Dabo Swinney end the previous nine years, finishing in the optimal ten in eight the those ripe years and also winning two national championships, consisting of playing because that the national championship in four of the previous six seasons. However those university football playoff title operation were helmed by More

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You know, I dislike to brag or attract attention come myself, simply not really my style. However last week us went 8-3 to operation our season record to 22-10 versus the spread, because that a 69% winning portion through the very first three weeks of the university football season. (Insert requisite quite here.) together if that weren’t More

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