Salena Zito: Columnist and Author that "The great Revolt"

ZITO: us wanted things to return to normal, and Democrats misread that message and also thought, "Oh, we have the right to do every little thing we want. Lock love us!"

Trump State room Spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus

ORTAGUS: utilizing intelligence ar resources, federal government resources, countless dollars in taxpayer money to pursue your politics opponent, that's quite darn crooked.

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Twitter Throttled Buck, yet We"re Still ideal on Masks

CLAY: human being who promoted for every these lockdowns room gonna watch like people who said, "I'm in favor of the Vietnam War."


12 November, 2021It"s OUR task to fulfill Biden"s Promise of Civility?

CLAY: It has swept -- the "Let's Go, Brandon" chant has actually -- the entire nation.


12 November, 2021The Dave Matthews band Rocks! C&B ~ above "80s & "90s Tunes

BUCK: I'm gonna view Dave Matthews v some girlfriend tonight. Of every the rejoin music we have on the show, what is her favorite?


12 November, 2021White home Perplexed end Post-Mandate job Quitters

BUCK: This White home isn't gonna do things far better anytime soon, yet we're top top it, folks. Don't worry.

"All of these issues, the left is wrong. They simply keep gift wrong, and also don"t care… It never changes. The left doesn"t ever move off of the initial stare point."- Buck Sexton

"The fact that he labeled this child a white supremacist in an initiative to further his rigid -- remember, Biden released his presidency predicated on a lie."- Clay Travis

"There has been a decision to coddle criminals… civilization are beginning to wake up up that aren"t just on the right, who space independents, who room rational Democrats."- Buck Sexton

"Good for brand-new York Mayor-Elect Eric Adams because that standing approximately BLM. And, by the way, exactly how come an ext Democratic political leaders aren"t law that?"- Clay Travis

"We’re the most moral fact givers in radio. And also over time we success by rationality triumphing, which is why we spend so much time sharing actual facts."- Clay Travis

"Clay and also I room prepping for this display all day. We"re always texting, talk in the breaks, in ~ night, in the mornings and we"re always getting all set for this."- Buck Sexton

"We desire to honor every who are veterans who’ve helped to for sure the United states is the greatest nation that has ever before existed in the history of mankind."- Clay Travis

"Greatest, freest nation the civilization has ever before known. It"s only possible because of those who have worn the uniform. Heartfelt thanks from both of us to every one of you."- Buck Sexton


12 November, 2021National security Readied for Rittenhouse Verdict

BUCK: If Kyle Rittenhouse is found not guilty, the left will riot, and the Biden voters will riot "cause castle think that they"re justified in doing so.


12 November, 2021Do We want a nation of Forever Covid?

CLAY: exactly how long is this going to walk on whereby you're not taken into consideration to it is in vaccinated till you acquire a booster? Is it five shots? Is it six full shots, seven?

12 November, 2021Kyle Rittenhouse"s mommy Takes on Biden for Smearing her Child

BUCK: over there is no actually race involved in any capacity here. The white man shot three various other white men who were attacking him.

12 November, 2021NYC Mayor-Elect Eric Adams Stands approximately BLM

CLAY: how come the media doesn't host Democrats accountable for what the management of black Lives matter says, specifically in new York?

12 November, 2021Breaking that Down: trump Condemned White Supremacists!

RUSH: This is trumped denouncing white supremacists yet the media saying the he hasn’t and didn’t.

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12 November, 2021EIB 24/7: Clay & Buck’s stack of Stuff

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