Tennessee Sen. Jack Johnson's 15th annual Boots & Jeans, BBQ & Beans occasion is booked to kick turn off on Sunday, Aug. 22 in ~ the manufacturing facility at Franklin, and also will feature OutKick founder and sports radio personality Clay Travis together its featured guest.

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The occasion is likewise centered roughly the theme of reopening and economic recovery, with Johnson informing the home Page that he believed Tennessee to be positioned to come the end of the COVID-19 pandemic "stronger than ever."

"Generally speaking, we desire to storage the truth that ours state is opened earlier up, human being are earlier out and also the economic climate is thriving," Johnson said.

"We went v a unstable 15 month or for this reason there as did everyone, yet we're back and walking strong, and Tennessee is an extremely well positioned from an economic standpoint to come the end of this pandemic more powerful than ever."

Johnson go on to speak to the event "family friendly," and that that would likewise feature live music.

On Travis, Johnson stated that he believed he would certainly be a huge pull because that Williamson county residents, and also that the sporting activities analyst "understands our Tennessee values."

“I’m for this reason honored to have actually Williamson County’s very own Clay Travis join us for this year Boots & Jeans, BBQ & bean Event," Johnson said.

"He understands our Tennessee values, the challenges facing our country from the much Left and why we require to host communist China accountable. This event proceeds to sell out every year, so i encourage everyone to buy your tickets early and join us for what will definitely be a great night of family fun.”

Tickets come the occasion are $50 per person, and also can be purchased virtual by click here.


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