There is simply something around golf and country music that seem to go hand-in-hand. In ~ the 2016 at & t Pebble coast Pro-Am, this is much more evident than ever as some of country’s biggest names tee it up on the top Pebble coast Golf Links and Spyglass Hill Golf Course.

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Toby Keith

The superstar provides his Pro-Am debut this year, when he tees that up v 12-time PGA tourism winner and also friend Steve Stricker. To say Keith is a fan of the video game is one understatement. He owns his own golf food (Belmar Golf club in Oklahoma), runs a charity golf tournament and also sports a 13 handicap. Keith’s wife is likewise an avid golfer who introduced a golf apparel heat in 2015.

Jake Owen

Grammy-nominated artist Owen very first teed turn off in the Pro-Am in 2013 and since then has actually been a Pebble coast fan-favorite. When Owen to be an aspiring golfer growing up, he choose up the etc after a wakeboarding injury and ultimately music won the end over a budding skilled golf career. Owen, who has a low-single-digit handicap, is friends through Jordan Spieth, and the duo first met as soon as they played together at the at & t Pebble beach Pro-Am.

Colt Ford

The nation singer/songwriter is more than just a pan of the game, that is additionally a former experienced player who logged time ~ above the Tour—and was even a teaching pro—before commerce in his card for a job in music. He also hosts his own Celebrity Golf standard each year in his home state that Georgia.

Joe Don Rooney

While the Rascal Flatts command guitarist sporting activities a single-digit handicap, he is no the only one in the family who’s a pan of the game. Rooney and also his young child Jagger created their very own golf clothes lines with golf apparel company Sligo, and the lines to be launched throughout the 2014 at & t Pebble beach Pro-Am.

Gary Mule Deer

While this country-singer-slash-comedian jokes around golf on stages anywhere the country, his golf skills are nothing to laugh at. The avid player has actually performed at, or participated in, golf tournaments everywhere the U.S., dispersing his love because that the video game both on and off the course.

Clay Walker

As if gift a talented golfer and a staple in the at&t Pebble beach Pro-Am isn’t impressive enough, pedestrian returns come Pebble Beach each June to host his Clay pedestrian Charity Classic. A advantage for his non-profit, Band against MS, the occasion is play at Pebble beach Golf Links, Spyglass Hill Golf Course and The web links at Spanish Bay. The four-person much better ball tournament features Walker’s celebrity friends, a concert with Walker and his band, auctions and more.

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To learn much more about how you deserve to participate in the Clay pedestrian Charity Classic, call the Pebble Beach tournament Office in ~ (877) 853-5864.