Clayton Morris, a former Fox News host and also Philadelphia native encountering multiple lawsuits, has moved v his family members to Portugal.

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Clayton Morris, who hosted "Fox & friend Weekend" for Fox News, has left the nation amid lawsuits claiming he defrauded real estate investors.Read moreFox News

Clayton Morris, a former Fox News host and Philadelphia indigenous who flourished up in Berks County, has moved v his family members to Portugal together he and his wife challenge multiple lawsuits over cases they intentionally defrauded investors in what has been explained as a Ponzi scheme.

According come Natali Morris, Clayton’s wife and business companion who has functioned for MSNBC and also CNBC, the move away from your $1.4 million residence in Florham Park, N.J., to be planned prior to the family’s current legal problems.

“We can’t run from our legal battles, no issue where we live, nor would we,” Natali Morris created in a blog short article last week. “We have to see this through in a method that we can be proud of and answer for on a heart level. This relocate is no to run.”

But Jynell Berkshire, a real estate attorney that represents number of plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed against Morris and his associates in Indiana, said the Indianapolis Star that her clients problem the move might make the more complicated to offer legal notices and also retrieve any kind of damages in your favor.

“In my clients’ opinion, innocent people don’t flee the country,” Berkshire said.

Morris, that left Fox News in 2017 and also had formerly been one anchor on Fox29, is accused in number of lawsuits of utilizing his investing podcast and also website come convince human being to invest in rehabbed properties in urban that incorporate Indianapolis, Detroit, and also Jacksonville, Fla. While Morris promised that he and also his associates would secure tenants and also mail new owners monthly rental checks, investors case the properties were in bad shape, forcing part to sell the properties at a loss or pay code violations.

Morris is no facing any type of criminal charges.

In brand-new Jersey, Morris faces two civil lawsuits — one in Morris County and also one in Middlesex county — wherein investors case he and also his associates knowingly deceived clients around the nature and also status the the nature they to be purchasing.

Nuan Tinio, a Somerset, N.J., resident, insurance claims he to buy a home in Indianapolis in February 2018 for $48,500, under the promise it would certainly be all set for revenue or rental within 90 work of closing. Instead, Tinio claims, he to be mislead about the property’s condition, and also was required to pay password violations he received from the city.

In Middlesex County, plaintiffs Victor and also Michael deJesus and also Jihuana Liu insurance claim Morris and his associates misled them around the problems of the nature they to be investing in and also failed to administer promised services.

“Morris Invest did no rehabilitate or fix the property, go not sector the home to prospective tenants for the generation the rental income, and did not manage the building on behalf of Plaintiffs or those similarly situated,” the lawsuit states.

Morris also faces a federal fraud sue in Indiana, filed by 14 previous investors who say lock purchased nature that space "now, essentially, worthless” in 2017 and also 2018.

“I think the was favor a Ponzi scheme where castle were acquisition money for renovations and then feeding it with so that world would feel prefer it was all working and also then they will do be convinced to buy one more one,” Brian Peterson, among the plaintiffs in the commonwealth lawsuit, said the Indianapolis Star.

In addition to the lawsuits, there have actually been nine complaints filed versus Morris Invest v the brand-new Jersey department of customer Affairs, according to a spokesperson. The new York times reports the Federal trade Commission has received 21 consumer complaints about Morris’s company. There are several much more complaints about Morris and also his associates top top the better Business Bureau’s website.

Morris has actually denied any wrongdoing, claiming with his lawyer the he and his household lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in his real-estate endeavors.

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“Because this matters are at this time being litigated, Clayton and also Morris Invest room unable come make any kind of further statement and look forward to a swift and also just resolution for all,” David Hensel, Morris’s attorney, stated in a statement come the Indianapolis Star.

Despite the lawsuits, Morris is quiet posting brand-new podcasts ~ above his Morris Invest website. The many recent, uploaded Monday, attributes Morris and his mam describing just how to live turn off rental income, complete with a promotional link asking anyone interested in learning an ext to “book a speak to with our team.”