When it comes to passing a medicine test, the stakes room high. It can be the difference between getting your dream job, gift unemployed, or worse, legal action with potential incarceration.

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No issue what your reason is for using fabricated urine, one thing you don’t desire to gambling on is whether or no it works when you’re going through a medicine test screening. That’s life-changing.

That’s why today, we’re walking to testimonial Clear an option Sub Solution artificial urine. It’s a systems that’s been acquiring rave reviews for years, yet we want to watch for ourselves whether this product resides up to all the hype and also if that is undoubtedly the best fabricated urine out there.

Let’s see what that is all about then.

What is Clear choice Sub Solution?

The obvious answer is the this solution from ClearChoice is a fabricated urine sample. Yet unlike numerous of the brands on the market, this fabricated urine does no come in fluid form. Instead, Clear an option Sub Solution synthetic Urine formula come in powder form that you climate mix v water.

The powdered urine type serves as a testament to why this Clear an option urine kit equipment works better than plenty of others top top the market. V pre-mixed synthetic urine solutions,, over there is the danger that the components in the bottle deserve to separate. When in a powder form, you can mix the on the job you need to take the urine drug test and also rest assured the the equipment won’t separate.

Another benefit of having a artificial urine sample the comes in powder form is the you have the right to keep the stocked for a long duration without having actually to issue that it will certainly expire or end up being ineffective over time. If you space subject to this mandatory screenings on a constant basis, it help to save a stock of this equipment on hand, so you have it when you require it without having to wait for shipping.

What are the Ingredients?

There is a full of 11 ingredient in the Clear selection Sub Solution fabricated Urine formula. Many of these room chemical link that assist to balance the pH, specific gravity, and also creatinine levels, in addition to chemicals that facilitate the heat activation that the synthetic urine sample. Yet the most essential components as to why this systems mimics actual urine formula so properly are:

Uric acidUrea

Because the Clear choice Sub equipment urine kit includes urea, uric acid, particular gravity, and also other components found in real person urine, this sample is together close as you can acquire to a mixture that passes together the actual stuff. It’s quite good, but how execute you also use it?

Let’s obtain right into that then…

How go The Clear an option Sub equipment Work?

When you get the Clear choice Sub Solution man-made Urine kit, friend get:

A vial that the sampleA vial of warmth activator powderA mix container


Instructions on how to use below Solution and also mix the formula room specified on the to pee kit, however here’s a rapid overview on exactly how to use it to create the man-made urine mixture.

Mix madness water and the contents of the plastic bottle into the mix container. The solution have the right to be combined up to 8 hours before the test.

As you close to the time the the actual medicine test, you can add the contents of the heat activating vial. The mix container has a temperature piece on the side that indicates whether the materials are in ~ the correct temperature range. When real pee comes out of the human being body, it has a temperature in between 98°F come 102°F. If the contents of the solution room in the best temperature range (ideally approximately 100 F), the temperature strip on the side will be green.

If the content of the vial is listed below that temperature range, climate you can include the warm activating powder. If the temperature is listed below 88°F, then you’ll want to include 1/3 of the materials of the heat activator powder into the remainder of the to pee formula. If the temperature is between 88°F and 92°F, you’ll desire to add 1/4 of the warmth activating vial right into your present solution.

If you finish up including too much of the warmth activator powder, you deserve to cool turn off the Clear choice Sub systems by place the mix container versus a cold surface. If you’re in a tiled bathroom, a cold surface such as the floor or the restroom tank could work.

Putting the mixture in the microwave for 10 secs at the very least 2 hrs prior come your medicine test might also assist maintain the right urine temperature.

It’s necessary to note that if you mix the Clear an option Sub Solution prior to going in because that the drug test, you don’t want to tuck the in with the temperature piece pressed against your skin. This deserve to lead to false readings of the temperature, which won’t come off prefer real human urine.

Also, make sure to inspect the temperature strip before your yes, really test.

Simple stuff, right?

Does the Clear choice Sub systems Work?

So, currently the all-important question— does it work? The an easy answer is yes. That does work.

Numerous client Clear an option Sub equipment reviews have actually raved around this fabricated product. Some civilization have also said the they passed an ext than one drug test using the Clear selection Sub Solution fabricated urine, therefore you can be confident the it was no a one-time transaction for numerous users.

Furthermore, this equipment was launched in 2002, so with a 15-year reputation for near-perfect effectiveness, you deserve to be confident that this mixture works when correctly used.

If you’re quiet nervous about whether you have the right to trust this solution, girlfriend can additionally do some testing on her own. Just buy a house drug test kit and also use the product to view if the package comes up v any negative marks. No price tag can be placed on the tranquility of mind and the insurance of keeping your life the way it is.

How much Does that Cost?

At the moment, the manufacturer’s website has this item listed for $75. Sure, that’s an ext than double the expense of other commodities (see ours other man-made urine recommendations) ~ above the market, and it’s more than likely why most civilization do your homework by analysis reviews prior to purchasing one.

Regardless that the price, if you uncover yourself serious needing a synthetic urine systems that go work, then the ClearChoice below Solution is a good investment. It does the job, and also once friend pass her test, you’ll have the ability to look in ~ the cost as $75 fine spent.

If you space someone who is regularly put through mandatory screenings though, or girlfriend anticipate having actually to pass number of in the process of using for assorted jobs, simply keep in mind the the cost of this can add up. However let’s be honest, having actually the insurance of a clean check is priceless, so you will do it be much better off for it in the lengthy run.

Frequently asked Questions

Will sub Solution still job-related correctly also in hot temperatures?

No, the below Solution artificial urine will certainly not work correctly in warm temperatures due to the fact that lab testing facilities will certainly evaluate an initial the temperature of the sample. If that is warmer 보다 the average person body temperature, then it’s an immediate indicator of failure. Also, at an extremely high temperatures, the chemical composition the the sample can change.

Can you reuse below Solution?

Yes, you deserve to reuse below Solution fake pee after mix it as long as you save it in a cool place and the sample doesn’t exceed the recommended shelf life. However, because that those human being who are subject to continuous testing, then it’s probably ideal to invest in a bulk order and mix it with heat water as needed.

Is among the items inside the below Solution package a temperature strip?

Yes, one of the items inside the sub Solution package is a temperature strip, and it is vital that girlfriend familiarize you yourself with how to review it. The should likewise not be placed between the container and also your skin, together this can create a false reading.

Can you placed Sub equipment in a refrigerator?

Yes, you have the right to put sub Solution in a frozen refrigerator to keep it for future use. The chemical structure of the man-made urine formula will certainly not diminish as lengthy as you stop sudden temperature changes. Girlfriend should likewise avoid making use of it after ~ the encourage use-by day to avoid difficulties during the test.

Can girlfriend buy sub Solution in stores?

No, you can not buy sub Solution in stores, at the very least not the official and guaranteed solution. The makers only sell it directly through their digital store, and this ensures that you always get the genuine deal. Don’t take it the danger of to buy a fake product.

Does sub Solution have actually a foul smell?

Yes, sub Solution man-made urine does have actually a foul smell, yet it’s no different or worse 보다 the real person stuff. The fact is that the chemistry compounds in to pee don’t smell great, and if a man-made solution didn’t have the exact same smell, climate it would certainly be an indication of a poor product.

Where deserve to I to buy Clear choice Solution?

It is crucial to be sure you’re to buy the real-deal and also something that hasn’t to be tampered v by any third party.

There might be several of these fabricated urine samples on revenue on eBay or Craigslist, maybe even at your regional smoke shops however I wouldn’t trust those in ~ all. They’re usually old, out-dated, and also some may even be fake. So, execute you really desire to include another trouble to the equation? Didn’t think so.

So whereby you acquire this systems then?

To purchase Clear choice Sub Solution man-made Urine today, you have to order it directly from the manufacturer to avoid any type of issues. Manufacturers guarantee a most things the third-party sellers simply don’t; this is the large draw when it involves these products.

You’re just in a safer place if friend buy that from the main company.

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And, luckily for you, we have the attach to their website ideal here, just click on the button below and it will certainly take you there. When you have actually bought her Clear selection Sub Solution, we deserve to promise you the you’ll be sleeping much better at night knowing that you have a much better chance of passing through flying colors. It’s among the many reliable and best man-made urine formulas in the sector today.